KPN is frustrating the introduction of new network techniques

It’s becoming time that the Dutch KPN loses there monopoly on the infrastructure, so that other companies can do what every Dutch internet user is waiting for and that is installing the proper equipment to speeding up the network.

The problem with the KPN is that they’ve infested a lot of money in digitising the telephone stations and also in ISDN, and now they want to wait with new investments till the present ISDN network is paying off.

Things will change when there is more competition from other companies, you can see the results in Germany; they’re in front now in using new technology in the public telecom network.

At the time (2003) that the KPN have updated their network to ASDL and again spend a great deal of money, all other surrounding countries will already using the newer technique that’s called something like “ZDSL”.
This technique is already tested with great success in Sweden, and will speed-up the network dramatically.

So dear KPN keep on dreaming!!!

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