KPMG study faults media focus on copyright piracy

I just posted the article KPMG study faults media focus on copyright piracy.

A study of KPMG, one of the leading tax, assurance and financial consulting companies has revelead that media companies are currently to much investigating content protection systems instead of…

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It seems everyone is talking sense, if only the RIAA would take notice and lower some prices. As Peter Gabriel said, you need to entice consumers to buy your products. Quite simply, 2-channel audio is far to little to charge upwards of $15.

let these “smart” corporations keep chasing their tail with encryption. They live in an “eat or be eaten” enviroment. When they encrypt themselves out of existance, there will be room for another (hopefully more consumer friendly) provider. Corporations come and corporations go but consumers are forever…:7

Its about time someone told the RIAA to get their collective heads our of there a$$ and develop a sensible business model that consumers will embrace.