KOTOR Disk 1

I have a back up of my original KOTOR that i have been playing of off for a while. I decided to to redo my system from scratch (format and all that good 2 hrs worth of work crap) replaced my sony cdrw with a 5232 plextor updated my XP to XPSP2 and now no more KOTOR. I can’t install it the first cd hangs up and gives me a redundancy error check.
ATIP is hidden. so i took it to my other computer with a toshiba in it same thing uses XPSP1 so i installed my old dvd rom same thing renundency check.
I take this cd to work runs on all pc’ and i have 10 to choose from in my area operating systems are win95, 98, 2000 dells and compaqs cdr’s are lite-on and compaq.

KOTOR uses securom 4.8x i haven’t had any problems with this plextor on any of my backups. my last back up was made with a120% latest ver. Doom 3 uses safedisc 3.2 plays in all PC’s it is a awesome burner,exept for this little hickup.

anyone have a suggestion ??

It looks like a faulty disk. Have you given the CD a check for dirt or dust etc? Try installing from the orginal, if you still have it. Try to read it in a torable reader such as a Lite-on DVD rom drive, that may help.

Good luck.

I bought me a Lite-On 5238S the backup works fine my plextor has a hard time reading it for some reason won’t even start the init screen

i cant figure out how to make a backip of this game, ugh

Whilst it isn’t a great ideas generally to revive a thread as old as this one, I suggest that you look here where you’ll find several tutorials for making back-up copies of cds using the same copy protection as this game.