Korean label protects its CDs with new copy protection

I just posted the article Korean label protects its CDs with new copy protection.

A Korean lable has chosen to work with the company Settec in order to copy protect their CDs. Settec has developed a protection called Alpha Audio.

The protection is more user friendly then…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3850-Korean-label-protects-its-CDs-with-new-copy-protection.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3850-Korean-label-protects-its-CDs-with-new-copy-protection.html)

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ok, maybe this will be fraggin hard to beat, but what if i make a digital connection between my cd player and my pc? wouldn’t this work?

Major labels will never adopt this method. They wouldn’t hear of doubling the amount of discs to produce on album.

I could see companys putting it out in both formats, just you have to pick one or the other to buy.

But the MR, I’d really be interested in that…but still, the second cd is of little use, cos If I can’t rip it to my HD and play it with my WA… I can play the first cd in my stereos, so y would I need the second cd…Man, this is too complicated, DAMN THESE COPY PROTECTIONS… I won’t buy even a single copy protected cd…damn, If this copy protecting fashion doesn’t become out of fashion stuff soon, I’m gonna have to make my own music. Luckily, I’m good at it :wink: cheers m8es :8

While This is far from the perfect solution, i still think its a step in the right direction. Least they give you a choice and are more upfront about what they are doin. However, i doubt the RIAA labels will come at it :frowning: regards, Br@yza!

In my opionion it’s FAR FROM A GOOD SOLUTION. You can bet the CD which plays on computers has miserable quality. You can’t play it with WAMP, only with their player (which probably sucks). And you can’t transfer songs to mobile devices. Anything else I forgot? Where are the pros?

:r it’s impossible to make copy-protection 100% impossible. if you have a digitat output on your stereo CD player, and a digital input on your computer’s sound card then you don’t need to rip through the cd-rom drive. although, this method is quite painful and expensive.

Just about every song is available for download before it hits stores. Look up any artist with a future release.