Korea vs usa: Better place to buy burner

Hi Everyone,

I live in America, but I’m in Inchon Korea right now. I was wondering if I should buy a DVD burner here in Korea or buy it in America. Can i get the latest burner in Korea compared to US? like the pioneer A08? What about price difference? Where would i get a better deal on price after tax? (i think conversion is 1 dollar to 1170 won, but not sure)

If you happen to live in Korea, can you also tell me where you buy burners?

P.S. I’m bad at korean so please type in English if possible.

Don’t worry about Korean since this is an English-only forum. Nobody is allowed to post in Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, or any other language here unless it’s a special occasion.

I live in Inchon, South Korea as you can see in my profile, but you are probably across the Yongjong bridge. Yongjong Island is part of Inchon Metropolitan City, but it takes more than one hour from Yongjong Island to the City Hall. It might take one hour or so from where you are now to Yongsan market which is located at the very center of Seoul City.

You can surely buy some of the latest DVD burners in South Korea, one of which is LG GSA-4120B, but the prices are usually higher than those in the United States especially if you can find exceptional deals on the web.

Danawa.co.kr and Enuri.com are two of the best price comparison sites for the South Korean hardware market.


GSA-4120B price is a little over US$100 in Yongsan. And they were actually meant for overseas market sales. The domestic-market drives cost 30% more. The drives are waiting for export or already exported and then they are imported back to South Korea. LG Korea does not provide any kind of warranty for them.

If you ever happen to come to visit Yongsan and if you have interst in Lite-On drives at all, don’t forget this:


Tell the guy Kenny suggested you visit there. If you are lucky, you’ll get some free media and can buy some Taiyou Yuden media at OEM-like prices. Anyway, that’s the best place in South Korea I know. His Korean name is Sang-Uk, Park.

I have to add that sometimes there are visitors speaking only English in his office. He’s not very comfortable at it but perhaps used to enough by now.

The best place in the world for DVD burners is still Akihabara of Tokyo I think. Yongsan will catch up ten or twenty years later maybe. Yongsan is now connected with the French-invented TGV high-speed railway.

Kenshin thanks for the information. I will surely check out yongsan and use your reference. I really appreciate all the help. I’m very bad at reading korean so I’m not sure if one of the links were talking about cost comparisons… but I’m really interested in the GSA-4120B. It seems to be the same as NEC 2510a drive that i was planning on getting but it has DVD-RAM and 12X DVD+R capability that NEC doesn’t have. If its around 100 dollars then I will go for the GSA-4120B. NEC 2510a is 75 on newegg, but after tax and shipping it will be nearly 90 dollars. 20 dollars more for those additions is well worth it i think. What do you think? NEC 2510a @ newegg or the GSA-4120B at Yongsan?

Of course if he gives me extra media and great deals then i’ll surely go for the GSA-4120B.

Anywaz thanks for all the information. I will find out which aunt/uncle lives near Yongsan and when i’m there I’ll go visit the store. If you don’t mind can you private message me your cell phone # just in case?

edit: its like 30 minute drive from one of my aunts apt. It will be around Aug 8-13th that I will be able to visit Yongsan. Do you plan on going there on those dates or do you go there only once in awhile?

I have no idea. The page above has a phone number though. He’ll answer. :slight_smile:

He doesn’t sell LG drives. The company is the largest Lite-On distributor in South Korea. The link is for the company’s customer support center. It’s very small compared to LG and Samsung service centers that are close from there.

It takes two hours by subway plus bus to get me there so it’ll be rare for me in Yongsan because my primary “job” is looking after a baby who’s just 100 days old who asks for milk every two hour or so. Very awkward to have a baby in arms in a Seoul street.

If your aunt lives in Seoul or near Seoul, it’s likely that there is a computer using 24x7 broadband. I’ll try to find a better deal on GSA-4120B. The price has fallen from about 200,000 Won to nearly 120,000 Won in only two months. :slight_smile:

What about this? Since you seem to be in the US yet and can order from newegg.com and other sites there and plans to come to Seoul this weekend, sell something to me at a good price and I’ll give you my 4120B. It must be very light since you’ll have to carry it personally. Just a suggestion. Some things are quite expensive in Seoul and there are always South Koreans who try to buy something from US and some parts of Asian markets and then bring them to South Korea. The customs officials never like that as if that kind of indivial acts of importing were harmful to the national economy. :slight_smile:

Who knows? By the time you are in South Korea, Samsung and LG will probably have 16x writers in the Yongsan market already.

sorry I’m in korea right now. When i said I live in America, i meant that was my home place. So that transaction won’t be possible. I won’t be needing a drive till around 18th of August since I won’t use a drive till I get back to America. Sorry for the confusion there. I guess i’ll ask later since there seems to be a war goign on with samsung and LG… you’ll never know what those drives will start to be priced at. If i’m going to buy something from Korea… I want to buy the latest drive for around 140,000 won max that I can’t get in America. Reason for that is I dont want to risk buying something here in Korea that I can get in America and end up without warranty.

By the way, Is it cheaper to get TY DVD-/+R korea or US?

I understand better now. I won’t buy any drive for over 140,000 Won unless it can also write to Blu-ray or 1TB media (if there’s one) either.

I thing a little more waiting is more appropriate for you. LG’s 12x burning is only Z-CLV after all. :slight_smile:

Seems like blank DVD cds in korea are more expensive then America. I had to get a 4x DVD-R for like 4,000 won (like $3.50) for just one.

Hm. Let me do the shopping for you if you are buying a 4x DVD-R for 4,000 Won. I can just buy some media and send them to your address.

Just for reference, use this link.


If you login, the price will change from 50,000 Won to 45,000 Won. That’s the price of 8x DVD+R 50-disc spindle. None other than Taiyo Yuden authentic. If you buy 200 discs, they will give you 9 Taiyo Yuden That’s Master of CD-R disks in jewel case. I ordered 100 700MB, 100 650MB, 500 4x DVD+R (with 8x DVD+R code), and 50 4x DVD-R. The total cost was somewhere around 560,000 Won. The extra things that were delivered together were:

Two of this that can hold 104 disks each

Free coupons for photo printing

Free shipping

A little over 50 700MB Taiyo Yuden CD-R disks, wrapped

A few Acua Color 700MB Taiyo Yuden CD-R disks in pastic slim case

A few That’s Master of CD-R 700MB Taiyo Yuden CD-R disks in slim jewel case

All of the above for the price of 160 4x DVD-R you bought.

If you cannot read the Korean characters or cannot order or pay yourself, ask your cousin or someone else to order from the link above. OKCDR is as reliable as newegg.com so don’t worry. Much more reliable from my point of view because I can physcailly contact the owner and employees of that company if I want to.

There are other sources that sell TY 8x DVD+R media for as high as 900 Won. All the prices listed are VAT 10% and the credit card fee included.

There are also many popular sites that sell some 4x DVD+R/DVD-R media for under 500 Won. BeAll DVD+R 4x and DVD-R 4x for as high as 650 Won, but I only recommend Taiyo Yuden because the price difference is too negligible by now. The 900 Won TY media are writable at 12x. At 16x, the write quality is not satisfactory at the end, yet, but I hope it’ll be improved with some future firmware versions.

so far i’m going to wait for NEC 3500a and buy TY 50 pack 4x and use it at 8x and wait till media gets fast enough for me to use 16x. paying almost double for only a few minute faster doesn’t seem worth the extra

You probably missed the most important point in my posts. You don’t pay double for 12-16x writing. You pay less.

TY T01 media can be written at 12x and still results in successful burning.

TY T02 media can be written at 12x and 16x but not every T02 can be written at 16x successfully to the end yet.

See again: 500 4x DVD+R (with 8x DVD+R code)

They are advertised to be 4x DVD+R. They are actually the same disks that are sold as Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R. The only kind of swappable media that’s noticeably better than them, to me, is 23GB Blu-ray rewritable disk in cartridge, but I can’t use it on PC.

Is Lee your family name? I just noticed you made the account only in August.

yes lee is my family name. I’ve been here reading up on nec 2500 before I came to korea, but either i didn’t register or i don’t remember what i registered as. Found out about this place through slickdeals back in June or something when there were some DVDRW sale.

So basically your saying that if i buy that 45,000 won 4x rated TY DVD+R 50 pack that you linked for me I can use it at 12x? I’ll just buy the pack that you linked. I don’t have money to buy more then that and I need more then 10 so i’m not getting 10pack

That’s right. I was curious whether you are a native North American who is visiting South Korea temporarily or a Korean who lives in the United States. :slight_smile:

Since you have not been a regular visitor who drops by everyday and reads all threads with some related information on drives one’s interested in, you must have missed some threads about TY media and GSA-4120B. The related information is spreaded in the LG forum, Media forum, Lite-On forum, and several others. I sometimes import media and drives myself. But it was such a good deal that I ordered 500 discs at once without much hesitation. First time to buy any media from retail sources for nearly 20 months. Whether your order 50 disks or 500 disks, the shipping fee is the same, a little under 3,000 Won maybe. It was free for me because I ordered a bit too much.

yea… i also have been keeping my eyes on the NEC burners more… I have a DVD reader so i don’t really mind the bad NEC reading ability, but I do want a good error free burner so that is why I want to go with NEC.

By the way I was about to buy the DVD+R but they ran out. I guess I was a little too late. So i just go tthe DVD-R… hopefully it doesn’t make too much of a difference. If i made a big mistake… o well… i’ll just burn it on 8x or watever. I was wondering if the DVD-R is bad with TY. The difference doesn’t seem to be much… only a few little technical things.

Fusion 4x DVD-R is good. It’s TY 4x DVD-R. But Fusion 4x DVD+R is TY 8x DVD+R which can be used for 12x and 16x burning.

i want a few (10 pack) DVD+R 8x TY, but all of them are just a little under 2,000 won. Any other place that i can get the 8x coded for 900 won a piece? or are they all out?

Usually, media companies import by the hundreds of thousands to millions, not 10-disc packs. If you can, wait a little more for the next shipment. I thought you were going to buy the NEC ND-3500A.

If you most seriously need TY T02 DVD+R as soon as possible, it’s easy to get you some for 900 won per each if you know how to receive things from the Post Office or Hanjin Express. 900 won is the maximum. :slight_smile:

I thought there would be thousands of waiting buyers for the products for that price if the same thing were available at newegg.com even if the minimum order were set to 200 disks. 10’s too few. I mean it usually takes US$10 to ship some thing from a location to another location inside US and 10 T02 disks cost from US$4.x to US$6.x.

its just that OKCDR had really good deal on their DVD+R… everywhere store i went to had each 4x DVD+R TY for around 1,600 won. Most stores didn’t even have the 4x, because they try to sell the 8x TY.

So I just wanted to get as much media as I can here in Korea, before I go back to America. It seems like in America its a lot harder to get really good media for a low price, unless its hidden like the samsung/TY on newegg.

But your right… its not worth getting only a few disks. :iagree:

Hopefully the new shipment comes before I go back to America.

Kenshin do you have MSN… i think it would be better then posting back and forth :slight_smile: just thought I wouldn’t annoy you with constantly replies… anywaz I really thank you for all the help :bigsmile:

Forum posts are better for me as long as nothing to compromise privacy or something as serious as that happens on this board. However, my MSN account is kennyshin at msn.com. (Some CDFreaks members are registered on my MSN list.) I don’t have a working mobile phone right now. I was going to have the newest Samsung or LG 3-megapixel camera phone but not yet.

I called the company that runs okcdr shopping mall. I’ve contacted them since they first launched the “Fusion” brand in South Korea. I was the biggest buyer of Fusion TY CD-R at the first launch a few years ago. The conversation lasted about eight minutes and they told me they imported only a small amount of 4x Fusion media from TY and the second shipment won’t be that big again. So it’s better to order the 4x DVD+R disks as long as they are in stock. The price will not be 900 Won. Some stores sold the same disks for nearly 800 Won. If it were left to me, I would have sold for a litlle less but I’m not exactly in that business.

If you still plan to have ND-3500A or any other 16x DVD+R writer but can’t buy the 4x Fusion DVD+R from okcdr.co.kr or any other shopping mall before a few days of leaving for US back, ask me directly since I’ve got 500 disks and I have other TY T01 and T02 disks from other sources. I live a minutes away from the Inchon international airport’s passenger terminal, actually in the same town in the administrative sense of the word, called Unseo-Dong. Don’t worry about the cost. The cost to travel across the Pacific is much higher than the cost of buying the 500 T02 DVD+R disks.

I might buy Samsung’s new 16x TS-H552 this week though I’ve been hesitating a little since the initial prices are too high compared to the export prices, probably 2x to 3x.

if you could sell me some of your DVD+R that would be awesome :). I also have an aunt who lives near incheon airport and i’ll be at her house at around Friday to Monday.

I do plan on getting the NEC3500A and I want to make use of its 16X or 12X ability. So I want some 4x TY (rebadged 8x). I got the DVD-R cuz it has better compatibility with other drives, but was planning on DVD+R and risk the small percentage of incompatiblity (but they sold out).

Well if you need a few more DVD-R, I want to trade 25 DVD-R for some DVD+R. Just tell me what the prices are so I can know how much money to put aside.

I understand your privacy issue, so that’s fine. Sorry for asking so much personal information. I just thought it would be easier :). My MSN is lee0539@hotmail.com