Kon-Boot iso burn issue

I know how to burn iso files, I have done this many times.
However with the Kon-Boot CD-konboot-v1.1-2in1.iso
whenever I try to burn, and I have used several different burners, in reading questions on this imgburn seems to be the best and I have that but I get this error :

you don’t have permission to open this file
please contact the file owner or administrator to obtain permission”

the thing is I am not trying to open it I am only trying to burn it to disc.
Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Interesting program Kon Boot is. :slight_smile:

Kon Boot is a bios hook program and therefore may be recognized as a virus. So shut down your virusscanner and try again.

slap on forehead ‘doh!’

thank you, I completely forgot about the turning the virus scanner off