Kodak's Formazan Dye vs. Phthalocyanine

I don’t know if any of you are aware of this, but Kodak in it’s time in business actually produced CD-R’s using two types of dye.

CD-R Identifier recognises the two types of dyes as:
The transparent dye: Phthalocyanine [Type 5]
The green dye: Phthalocyanine [Type 7]

Kodak’s Type 5 dye is, or was, Kodak’s newest dye and is NOT related to Formazan. It is similar to Mitsui’s dye and is used in Kodak Gold and Kodak Silver+Gold discs. It is almost transparent in colour (actually a light green).

Kodak’s Type 7 was Kodak’s original Formazan dye. It is blue-green in colour but combined with a gold reflective layer, looks deep green, almost like a Gold/Green Cyanine CD-R. It was used in all Kodak Digital Science CD-R’s (AFAIK) and all Kodak Digital Audio CD-R’s.

Ommmm… Very interesting , terminalvelocd …

I myself am now investigating Kodaks cds for a while but I get the feeling that their Ultima Gold is of less quality than their Ultima silver/gold.

What is your experience or output about this iisue???

Would be interesting to learn …

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Hi again,

I said in my original post:

“Kodak’s Type 5 was Kodak’s original Formazan dye. It is blue-green in colour but combined with a gold reflective layer, looks deep green, almost like a Gold/Green Cyanine CD-R. It was used in all Kodak Digital Science CD-R’s (AFAIK) and all Kodak Digital Audio CD-R’s.”

Sorry about the error. The dye type here should be Type 7.

BTW, Kodak Gold Ultimas seem to work very well here, and Kodak Ultimas just as good.

Yeah I understand Bro

But still I have got this strange feeling:

My ultima cdr 80 Gold is manufactured in Ireland but seem of less quality than the cdr80 ultima silver/gold rated 1x-12x I have which was also made in Ireland…

What do u think of that Bro ??? :smiley:

I believe the Kodak Ultimas Made in Mexico are better in quality than the ones Made in ireland…


yeah… well… hmm i’d have to agree.

Mexico-made Kodaks are of superior quality than Ireland-made Kodaks. Unfortunately, the Kodak Silver/Golds that I can buy now are all made in Ireland :’(

I can get 100-spindles of Unbranded Kodak Ultima80’s in Australia for AU$82.00/US$45…

Guess that’s a bit expensive compared to the US???

still Guys, :smiley: :smiley: the quesion remains…

Wheteher the Gold is of superior quality than the Silver/Gold ones…

And another thing: It seems there is the Gold discs which are labeled as Contains real Gold… and on the other hand the Gold discs which are labeled REAL GOLD or 100% GOLD in RED…

What is the difference between those discs???

What do u think about this media guys???

The media pictured above is extremely high quality and was the last of the production Kodak Gold Ultimas.

If you can find any, get your hands on them fast…as soon as everybody hears about them, they’ll selll like hotcakes!!

@honore66: Kodak Gold Ultima is definetly superior to Kodak Ultima Silver+Gold. No matter what anyone says, I know that all Kodak Gold Ultimas have a 100% Gold Reflective Layer on a Phthalocyanine (Type 5) Dye.

One comment, however: Kodak Ultima CD-R80 Silver+Gold support a higher write speed of 24x. Kodak Silver+Gold CD-R74’s and all Kodak Gold Ultimas support a maximum of 12x. You can still burn all Kodak’s successfully and error-free at 16x or 20x-speeds though!!!


Thanks for the info terminalvelocd :bigsmile: :wink: :smiley:

No doubt when it comes to kodak cdr you r the best …:smiley:

1 ) Where do y think I can can get the MOST quality kodak gold like the one on the picture ?

2 ) How do u think Mitsui and ricoh cdr’s stand with the Kodak’s in terms of quality of discs???


@honore66: Once again, it depends on the factory.

Ricoh has two factories: one in the USA and a “factory” in Taiwan (actually Ritek’s). Both factory makes good CD’s, but according to my WSES tests, the Made in USA product is superior to the Taiwan product, but only marginally: Ritek makes good discs for Ricoh. I have never had problems with Ritek, just make sure you don’t get the unbranded Ritek discs with no protective top. I can burn these Ritek-made Ricohs that are certified 1x-8x at 40x error free according to WSES…that says a lot!!! :slight_smile:

Mitsui has four factories: USA, France, Japan, and Taiwan(actually Prodisc’s). The American, French, and Japanese products have the DiamondCoat technology and are superior, but the Prodisc-made ones use Mitsui dye from Japan but is produced at the Prodisc plant. Still, I find that Prodisc produces excellent discs with a very thick dye layer like Kodak. Once again, not too many problems here. Just burn the discs at or below recommended speed :slight_smile:

BTW, I use a LiteON LTR-32123s made in May 2002 overclocked to LTR-40125s with firmware XSU1, and results may differ from one drive to another.

@Terminalvelocd: Can u find the Kodak gold (REAL GOLD -THE RED ONE ) out there???

It seems to me to me they are scarce like hairs on a baby’s behind… LOL :smiley: :slight_smile:

I actually use an artec 32x12x48 overclcokced to 40x12x48 …
Works pretty good… ( fast reader, good burn quality )
will have the LG 48x16x48 soon ( I hope… )

Kodak has officially discontinued all CD-R and DVD-R products. You’ll have lots of trouble finding the Silver+Gold Ultima’s let alone the Gold Ultima’s. All Australian retailers have sold out of the Gold Ultima’s and are running dry of the Silver+Gold’s.

All I can say is “Good Luck!”

BTW I have about 70 of these “Red Covered” Kodak Gold Ultimas in both branded and unbranded and I’m saving these for those special occasions!!! They’re priceless now!!!