Kodak silvergold or Mitsui lacquer 80 min discs?


I feel I have wasted enough time and money with discs costing 20-30 pence each and will plumb for those costing 45p each.

Apparently I can still buy Kodak 80min silver gold or white top for £0.40-0.45 respectively, or the Mitsui 80min lacquer ones for about £0.45.

Either should be top quality - my concern is I have a Plextor 241040a and I want to make sure there is some chance of an overburn if needed i.e 1 or 2 minutes extra.

From past experience, some Kodak 74 minute discs have had no extra time on them whereas other makes had a little extra space.

Any comments - I need to get some qreat quality very long-lasting 80minute discs soon.

Many thanks.


Both are near equal in quality.

But to me it seems like mitsui could be overburned more than kodak.


Thanks for the reply - the site still advertising packs of 100 Kodak silvergold’s said they have not had any for ages when I rang to check - they said they needed to update their site - yeah, I could have told them that.

You can still but packs of 10 / 25 Kodak cd’s but it is hard to find in the shops or sites, and the Kodak web store only has packs of 10.

Still, as per my posts in other threads, a Plex x40 drive writes to my Diskrites just fine but my Plex 241040a wont write reliably (red sector at the end and major slowdowns on the 2nd half of the disc and errors in the quality test - but only when written with my Plex24 not the works Plex x40) - it used to work just fine, but these are a new batch.

Decided to writeoff the £80+ that I spent on the Diskrites and opted for Mitsui unbranded 80min ones. I am now in heaven - they write perfectly every time with no red sectors in the CDSpeed scandisk test and the quality check passes with flying colours without a slowdown. Thought my drive was dying on me and it is fairly new. Written 8 cd’s and all perfect!

Did’nt want to get the Mitsui lacquers as I thought the lacquer coating would be gloss and look like your fingers would stick to the treacle top :slight_smile: - not so, they have a brushed surface and are truly a work of art. I am a happy person. They cost £0.46 each - but they are worth it (the Diskrites cost £0.25 each and are now redundant - maybe give them to a charity shop).

I know the Plextors are fussy with media, but I was surprised to see the officially supported list for the newer Plex x40 is now reduced in makes and no longer includes Mitsui’s - but still has Kodaks even though they say they stopped cd production!


Do you have any places that you could tell me stock Mistui cdr’s?

I know that my almost finished Philips Premium Silver are Mitsui but I would like to know what others are Mitsui?

I almost ordered 100 Philips 24x Premium Silver but for several reasons I cancelled the order, I also found that www.blankcdr.co.uk mentioned that these were Ritek cdr’s.

Any help would be appreciated.


SVP Communications, www.121cdr.co.uk sell 100 unbranded Mitsui ultra II gold 80min lacquer (frosted finish) CD’s (phew!) for approx £0.45 each.

I have bought 300 for me and 100 for someone else.

I have burnt 25 now and all are perfect - no errors, no slowdowns, and as stated elsewhere, all green and 100% in CDSpeed scandisk / quality tests.


Thanks… found that link in the large post about which is best cdr.

I have ordered some Philips 32x silver cdr’s from www.blankcdr.co.uk anyway which are also Mitusi for a similar price.


Not sure about this ‘silver - gold’ business - some blue cd’s are sold as silvers, but I believe the Mitsui unbranded SG Ultra II’s are gold not silver - maybe a Mod can reply with wisdom :slight_smile:



Just for clarification - I believe the Mitsui unbranded SG Ultra’s should be classed as silver - they look golden but the Mitsuigold UK site says they are classed as silver (they are silver with gold in them).

Apparently they claim the Gold discs have a life of 300 yrs and the Silver’s only 130 yr’s - oh well, have to look to making copies near then :slight_smile:


Just thought I would report back…
My Philips Silverspeed 32x are NOT mitsui :frowning: but actually Ritek.

It stated on a different site to that which I ordered from that they were Mitusi. Maybe I will email the other place and find out if they are lying or not. Don’t know wether to keep my 100 Philips sliverspeed or not…

I might actually get another (not philips) 100cdr’s soon if my “plan” works out.

I think the silver/gold thing is do do with the reflective layer, the colour that you see is the combination of the reflective layer and the dye on top.

I was pretty sure I read that here, but now I come to search for it I can’t seem to find it,