Kodak & Mitsui (USA)

Mitsui; http://www.cddimensions.com/ (is that any better place to buy it?)

Kodak; Where can i find it here in U.S. to buy? (Best kind of Kodak)

Liteon; Does anyone have a suggestion where i can find it to buy for cheap?

PS: I’m going to place my orders probably today so if you can answer it as soon as possible, i’d appreciate that!

Thank you guys

I don’t know US stores. But have you tried www.pricewatch.com ? Maybe you’ll find some good prices there.

Yep! There is where im going to find out the best prices for my new computer…
Thanks by the way! =)

Still, if anyone know any site that sells kodak’s i’d like to know! thank you guys!

I was cheking out those Kodaks and i’ve found this as the best choice (i think)

KODAK Ultima CDR 80 min. Silver/Gold 12X 50/Spindle ($0.55 ea.) KODBRSP50

a) Are those any good?
b) Is that a problem i burn those with Lite-on 40x? (If yes, what should i do)
c) Are Mitsui better than kodak to burn /w liteon?
d) Would i have a problem listenning Mistui audi CD’s in the CAR?

Thank you people!

a) yes
b) Don’t know, haven’t tested. Probably will be just fine. If problems: write at a lower speed and make sure you have the newest firmware.
c) You could get mitsui discs that is certified for higher speeds than kodak… especially mitsui gold is good. But are they really better? I don’t know, both are good :wink:
d) most likely not a single problem. But you could never know without trying since some car audios is very picky…