Kodak MIC at Staples in USA

Anyone got any experiences with Kodak media MIC currently on sale at Staples in the USA?


have used kodak MIHK ,ok but as they’re only two weeks old can’t say if they will last

Nope, but it’s the same as any other MIC media. It’s all made by AML and UME, but the Kodak brand doesn’t have the benefit of fake MCC media codes like the Dynex, Playo, and NexxTech disks do.

i’m glad i found this thread. due to the price and my curiosity, i picked up a 50pk Kodak 16X DVD+R at staples yesterday. These are made in china with media code AML 003. upon opening them up, the discs gave me a feeling of those seen in crap GQ media i’ve used before. i tried one burn and did a scan using my liteon dvdrom in dvdinfopro and came up with the following. i know it’s not exaclty accurate but i really have doubts about these blanks in terms of longevity and reliability. has anyone else had experience with these? i’ve never used made in china dvd media before and have to say i’m not so sure about these. perhaps it’s just bad Q/C on behalf of kodak?

edit: i forgot to mention i burned the disc at 16x using a LG GSA-H22L dvdrw with v1.01 firmware.

Yeah, that scan’s definitely not pretty, especially towards the end. :Z Can the DVD ROM read it back without any issues?

You might want to consider using these for cheap giveaways. Another case where MIC media is just not that good.

At least they didn’t try to fake a media code, and just used the AML 003 code. :rolleyes:

well one thing i do have to note is that i its possible the error scan using a dvd-rom isn’t that accurate as i used the same drive to scan a MCC004 disc burned at 18X using the same LG dvdrw. the dvdrws i’ve owned all do not work with either kprobe or dvdspeed’s quality scan. it’s hard for me to think MCC004 media would result in such a bad scan. do you think the liteon dvdrom could be the reason?

It’s very possible, although I didn’t think the newer DVD-ROMs reported errors like this. :eek:

Only way to know is if your drives can read them back, then, if you get a poor scan like that on generally excellent media burned with one of LG’s 18x writers.