Kodak media

I have found some Kodak perl white DVD+R made in Taiwan and some gold DVD-R (Digital Mastering Disc) made in India and I was thinking if they are any good. I could not find much information about these. Has anyone tried them?

I have no experience with MIT Kodak DVD+Rs but their gold DVD-Rs and CD-Rs are decent and worth buying if you can get them for reasonable prices.

I did buy a few Kodak gold CD-Rs to try as I though they could be better than the current MIC and MII Verbatims. But as I wrote in other threads I am skeptical if the gold Kodak DVD-Rs are any better than the Verbatim AZO. It seems that gold does not always mean quality. And as much as I like perl white I would prefer to have an idea about who made the MIT DVD+R before buying.

Posted some results under Moser Baer India DVD-R Blank DVD Media Tests (http://club.myce.com/f76/moser-baer-india-dvd-r-83181/index6.html#post2781787). I am not really impressed, but I will try different writing speeds. Good thing is that I only bought 10 discs.