KODAK Gold/Silver

Howdy! I am not new to computers been on sense DOS3, lol
Anyways, I have a cake box of Kodak Silver CD-R’s, how do they rate nowadays? I also still have some Kodak Gold Ultima’s (same question)
I am running out of these fast and would like to know what is the best now? I have read where TY is not what they use to be as quality has dropped? I have some “Tin Types”,(very old photos to youngins), that I want to scan on my Epson 4870 Pro and put on the best CD’s or DVD’s if I can find them. So please help me out as what to get and where, Thanks for you time. JAS

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TY is still the best for CD-R. You can find them in various online shops. The ceramic coated ones are very durable and good for all kinds of storage.

For DVD, Verbatim (Made in Taiwan) are very good. Advantage of DVD is that you can simply store many times more data on them compared to CD-R. So if you have a reasonably new DVD writer - you can most likely find Verbatim DVDR for cheaper than TY CD-R.

Up to you really. I’d just get some Verbatim DVD-+R discs unless using CD-R is a must.

Also if I may, I have a lot of HP CD-RW C4438A. There is a number around the center R420000901354. I have been trying to learn this stuff so please bare with me. The pictures that I will be scanning is a one time thing as the relative in question won’t allow me to do it again and these picture albums will go to somebody else. So, what DVD’s would be the best for quality and life expectancy. Cost is not a consideration. The Optical drive is on my signature. Thanks, JAS

I was searching and found these too. What is your opinions?

Delkin is MAM-A, which is not too good.
What about Verbatim UltraLife? :slight_smile:

“Verbatim UltraLife”, I don’t know. I am learning all this so I thought I would ask the experts here :slight_smile:

Also any thoughts on the Fuji 5140 Pro Gold (10pk)?

What about this one? Thanks again, I must be a pain to you that know all this, I am sorry:(

Kodak no longer makes CD-Rs themselves. Keep those Kodak Ultimas for your collection and get some TY Ceramic Coated CD-Rs and some Verbatim Ultralife Gold DVD-Rs for your archival needs.


OK, and the best place to get them is what was listed on another thread?


Are these worth everyday stuff like Office 2007 “Blue” Edition?

Then for the old family photos use the
Verbatim UltraLife Gold? I am still trying to locate the UltraLife found close to name but not the same. Thanks again for your help as I a learning a lot from this board!

2 Things.

Don’t go by a single piece of DVD media. DVD’s are much more unreliable as cd’s.
OK assuming you want to use dvd’s still and you really want the best option then I would suggest. Maxell (Maxell japan made) B.Q. (Us/Japan)/PRotek(europe) DVD-R+ Emtec/Hispace ( MPO made) GOLD DVD+R. (Mostly E.U. only, Expensive and hard to get .)
Replacement but less good would be to get some verbatims DVD+R (MCC004). Still the verbatims are easy to get and cheap compared to the above discs.
So far the normal verbatims have perfomed better in the results I have seen as the ultralife gold media. Even while the ultralife gold have the potential of being the better disc !:rolleyes:

Unlike most users on this board I can not recommend TY for dvd’s. Because of the fact that some TY discs’ are terrible bonded. You don’t know if your lucky untill you have the batch. In my case I’m very unlucky with TY.

However I would personally choose CD’s over the combo of 2/3 excellent dvd’s.
Best option would be TY. (Store them dark !)
If you want a second disc. (Which I allways personally want for very important stuff) then the choice will be much harder. It would probably be a choice between CMC and FUJI (Germany FUJI made !) media. For non E.U. this means only CMC.However CMC comes in so much grades. So to be more specific I would suggest the HP CD-r’s with CMC code because from HP we know that they order the good stuff.(at least up to know that is !)
I will not suggest those fancy gold cd-r’s because so far tests suggests that the media isn’t much better as the CMC silver media. (Both are inferior to TY, except for UV resistance.). Those fancy gold disc’s however are much more expensive as the silver stuff.

dakhaas, I will have to print that and keep it, lol. OK “CMC”? YOu are loosing me here son, lol. I am still looking for the ceramic CD’s and found some Fuji 5140 (10 Pack) for about 12.00 shipping included. What do you think?

Ok, so what should be paying for the Gold CD’s and DataLife DVD’s?
I see them now and then the Kodak’s Gold that is and don’t know how much is too much, so can you please give me an idea? Thanks, JAS:iagree: