Kodak Gold CD DVD media- safe storage for up to 300 years

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New Gold KODAK CD and DVD Safely Store Data, Photos, Music,
Videos for 80 to 300 YearsTuesday
April 18, 7:45 am ETROCHESTER, N.Y., April 18 /PRNewswire/ – New 24-karat
gold CD-Rs and DVDs…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11747-Kodak-Gold-CD-DVD-media--safe-storage-for-up-to-300-years.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11747-Kodak-Gold-CD-DVD-media--safe-storage-for-up-to-300-years.html)

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These sound pretty cool, although I don’t understand why the CD-Rs can last 3 times longer than DVD-Rs. If they make these in DVD+R format and they don’t cost too much more than normal disks, I will have to give them a try. Any idea what company will de making the dyes?

I wonder how they are for audio. I’m currently re-mastering an audio cassette for a friend to CD. One of his uncles recorded with Columbia back in the 50’s/60’s and this tape is his only copy; he’s worried (and rightly so) that it will die one day. I’d like to make sure the CD’s I use for him will have the longest life. I think I’ll look into picking a few of these up.

300 years! How long will disc technology be around to play it, before it’s redundant.

I wish I was made of gold.

At $125 per 100 for the CD-R I don’t think I have anything worth saving. I’ll stick with TY.

“Unlike pressed original CDs, burned CDs have a relatively short life span of between two to five years, depending on the quality of the CD.” That’s funny. I have cds burned around 1996-1997 that still work. Maybe he should’ve rephrased that as “some burned CDs”.

Pfffft… First I don’t think TY was any worse than original Kodak Gold, if anything it’s the other way around. Second, these are not even real Kodaks, this is just some company operating under license. As far as I know it can be a CMC with gold coating… :d

KMP + KODAK MEDIA PRODUCTS When they start putting some kind of warranty that goes with 500X price for the 50X life, maybe I’ll think about it. 100 each in lots of 100? What are they smoking?

“What are they smoking?” GOLD :d

i would back it up on a DAT and also i would buy few spare DAT decks just in case after 10-20 years you couldn’t get any working DAT decks :+

Oh YES!!! They’re… back! After many years of being off the market (Kodak used to make Gold CD-Rs themselves up to a few years ago, when they dropped out of that market), and leaving only Mitsui Gold CD-Rs/DVDs as the only gold discs on the market (not bad either, one of the very first CD-R makers on the market decade ago, and their Gold CD-Rs are very, very long lasting - I’ve got hundreds burned from decade ago that are perfectly readable, and none have ever failed or deteriorated), Kodak is back! Hopefully, this means discs that are easier to buy, cheaper, and a solid alternative (for all important info, backup to 2 different brands!) to Mitsui Gold discs. ---- These babies really do last through time - the gold layer = no more disc rotting (which I’ve had a few others go on me like that that were non pure gold discs), and with p.cyanine dye layers (which Kodak & Mitsui use), they’ll make for the longest lasting discs around (so goes the longevity tests which are supposed to let you guage real world long term performance). Highly recommended (besides Mitsui Gold) as one of the two discs you use to backup all important/critical information (photos, documents, etc.) that MUST last through time. (also, remember to use a solid burner, such as the Plextor 716a/760a, that burns well, and allows you to make a full disc PI/PE error scan after each burn to ensure a solid burn has been made, and that you verify after every burn as well for these critical backups!) :):slight_smile:

http://www.earthsignals.com/add_CGC/Gold_10_PMA_06.doc Full information on the construction of these discs, background info, etc. in addition to the press release info.

No Kodak is not really back. KMP Media has just bought the right to use the Kodak name. They buy discs from various manufacturers (mostly crap ones) and put Kodak’s logo on the discs… These gold discs will likely be made by MAM (Manufacturing Advanced Media).

HMMMM ??? how many of you are going to be around in three hundred years to take these back and say they havent lasted that long ??? i didnt think so either :g

The minimum sampling rate you should use is 48 kHz, which already is higher than what a CD would present (CDs being 44.1 kHz). Suggest you sample it at a higher rate like 96 kHz and save it as a data file. You could also make him a CD to play, for fun, but keep the data file with the higher sampling rate locked away somewhere since that will be what would be needed for any serious use.

That was meant for LoneWolf but the reply appeared at the bottom.

i would just buy two reliable drives like lg or pioneer & make two copies on inexpensive good quality media. if current dvdr disks can last 80% of cdr, they will last at least 10 years, then i would be able to migrate to next gen storage in every 10 to 15 years. it would be matter of personal preference, but i think scanning everytime & buying gold disks & plextor drives seem like a waste of time & money

For GOLD, what recording speed can they achieve?

A bit pointless really…because in 300 years time, I may have other things to occupy my time…:d;)