Kodak Gold 300 Year DVDs

Now that Kodak has announced and released 300 year lifespan DVDs, I was wondering if anyone had a price or an opinion. I see the CDRs are $125 per 100 which would lead me to believe that the DVDs will be over $200. I plan to stay with TY and see what happens, but there is no question that gold will increase the lifespan.

The humor will be finding anything to play it on in 300 years… or even 20.

I guess i’ll also stay with Yuden media, sure also gold looks better and 300 yrs are ok but i’m not a turtle so i can live with 100 yrs media very well. :wink:

Over $2 per piece, without doubt.

Just for the geek in you and us all.

i agree with chief. if i run across 5 or 10 pks i dont think i could resist the urge(just to experment,of corse!!) on the off note are they even released yet???

The KODAKs not, but others.

Another Announcement: http://www.mam-a.com/products/dvd/Archive_gold.html

Hmmm… my great great grandchildren can buy their own dvds

The Kodak press release said both DVD and CDR are in distribution so the DVDs should show up soon.

The gold+phthalocyanine should increase the lifespan IF the discs are made with proper quality control. If they use crappy quality control they’ll be a waste of money.