Knuckle typing contest!

everf frejkews rfo rfnhle win gboljr mnjces:?


ever tried to type with your knuckles?

no vur i imbin e igrt muxdt bre r<athbrrd h<rddx
no but I imagine it must be rather hard

yah, i only have knuckles.

no problem here with skinny fingers.

girls sdoemtfm cölumtfr

Hey I got one word right

as kifc … jhsnhbashz<nhbasz

i typed with my knuckles

[regular typing on]Wow! I have really small knuckles! I fully expected that to come out like crap! :stuck_out_tongue: [regular typing off]

Like I said, girl hands doesnt count :stuck_out_tongue:

:sad: You’re just upset we girls don’t have Cro-Magnon knuckles dragging on the ground!
I can type with my knuckles! I can type with my knuckles! (sung to the tune of nanny-nanny-goo-goo) :stuck_out_tongue:

i can do i fine im think but i alsoae ittle knuckle. the quick brown fox ju,mped over tjhe lazay dog. now type with your feet.


wow your actually retarded enough to do it

yup not much worse than the one fingered effort i normslly do painfull tho

i wa nf kzaa

You will do no such thing!


I’m hardly able to write with fingers and you ask me to use Knuckles? :sad:

it is easy to type with your knuckles…

n mof fdzajnzs no its not

I can type with my knuckles!