Known good drive won\'t burn in "new" Computer (NEC ND-3530A)

[qanda]This thread is about the NEC ND-3530A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi All.

I’ve been using EAC for all my Ripping and the included CDRDAO burning package with it for a bit over six months without major issues.

However in the last week my Computer died and therein lies my problem.

My old computer (the dead one) was a Pentium 300 running Win98. 512Meg of Ram

The New Computer is a Pentium4-2.6g with 2Gigs of PC3200ram
and it’s running Win2000.

On both computers I have installed as my “first” optical drive an NEC ND-3530A DVD-RWDL burner, my second it an ancient (but Reliable) LG8080B
CD-RW drive.

The problem at the moment is that EAC when Detecting drive
write features does not recognize either drive as being CD-TEXT
this is puzzling because these two drives have written literally HUNDREDS
of CD-Text discs, In other words I KNOW they are Text capable.
And they WERE recognized as supporting CD-Text
in the P3-500Win98 machine.

But how to convince EAC and my computer of this.

The NEC DVD writer will burn discs (Without Text), but if CD-TEXT
is manual selected for the drive in “Drive Options” the burn fails
claiming that a cdrdao.toc file is (the exact phrasing) is “not suitable
for this drive”

The LG drive simply won’t write at all.

As I said I’ve burned quite a few CD text discs on this very drive
I just can’t make it work installed in my “new” Win2000(SP4)
Pentium4 computer.

This little problem is really driving me nuts.
I’m not quite at the point where I want to try “washing”
my comuter in a friend’s saltwater aquarium, but I’m
getting damned close.

Anyone got any ideas?

I’ve got discs to burn and this problem is really kicking my butt.


As an update the Burrrn software DOES burn the CD-text info
onto the CD-R so I’m pretty sure it’s a software issue.

Any help would be appreciated… Please?


i had the same pb as you.
i desactivated the CDRDAO option (EAC options - Write - (don’t) Use CDRDAO), and now EAC can detect the write CD-text capability of my drive.