Know your PC rights article @ MaximumPC

I just posted the article Know your PC rights article @ MaximumPC.

cloakdoa found a print of Februarys issue of MaximumPC about your rights on the PC.

There’s also a part about backing up CD’s, something that is very intresting to most CD Freaks visitors…

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Thats why i am online for the pr0n :stuck_out_tongue: Indeed interesting article.

Yes i’d like to say too that if you own that is ever baught an album Tape, CD or Record you own the right to put it on any media you wan’t. It’s very simple, If you have the ability to copy or get a copy of anything you payed the right to own, it is legal. It in not legal to sell these copies, and if you sell the original you give up your copying or ownership right. I have had material that I purchased in the past in the form of Records, 8-Tracks and tapes and have every right to transfer them to CD, or have someone transfer them for me. And i ALSO HAVE THE RIGHT to download them from someone in the form of MP3’s or copy from someones CD copy IF i own a copy myself!

So if you’re going to share MP3s of <quote>copyrighted music, the safest bet is to not get caught. </quote> LOL:)

Well, this law is probably only for the dutich people. The laws are different from country to country.

I’m not sure, but I believe MaximumPC is an US magazine

Domin8tor, MaximumPC is a US magazine. A pretty damn good one too. It’s the only PC magazine out there that I’ll renew my subsciption too.

MaxPC is pretty good, esp cheap subs. But CPU, the new one (computer power user) is also very good. You guys should check it out if you can. They are just starting up, so their sub is 2.5x that of MaxPC, but i think it’s worth it.