~~ Know-it-alls ~~

i know this is more than likely the pain meds talking…but i just found out today i’m a total dumb ass…
it appears everyone in my office is an expert with computers/ medical problems/ autos/ finances/ just in general EVERYTHING…

i mean i’m like hey if your soo freaking smart why are you working here and not a medical doctor…all those pricks…who at first said it was nothing i was just being a big baby now offer all kinds of advice to what kind of bed i need to sleep on…and what meds i should/ should not be taking…

i just wish they would let me know whereto gain all this valueable information…i’m soo stupid… :eek:

The only thing you did that was “stupid” was not telling them where to go when they called you a big baby. :wink:

Give yourself a chance, you’ve been through crap the last couple of days.

just “sic” BigMike7 on them, S_S, and no more problem. :wink:

I dont proclaim to be a know-it-all, I just am:D Just kidding. Yeah, sic some of your followers on them, like BigMike and geno. That will teach them. Or you could always show them that Santa avatar of Mikes. That would scare most people into death! And BTW, youre obviously not stupid since you come here. That makes you intelligent. If someone does something stupid and doesnt mean to or doesnt do it again, then I dont think theyre stupid. If someone does something stupid, knows its something stupid, and keeps doing it, then theyre stupid in my eyes. You not telling them where they can shove their own heads wasnt in that case stupid, but dont let it happen again! Remember, in order to succeed you must know when to be mean and when to be nice. Be nice to us, kill the smart-ass pricks. And I dont think youre stupid.

i just wish they would let me know where to gain all this valueable information…
bet they used google :iagree:
s_s just tell’em to get F****d :clap: and then throw somemore abuse at’em, :bow: then tell’em to google the word “Tourettes” :bigsmile: or tell’em the meds have this side affect :smiley:


Just let me at those ‘nogoodstupidsumbitches’ -eh!

Some things can be really know when feeling in first person :wink:

Only who had the same pain should be authorized to speak, because he/she really know how bad it is :wink:

Yeah, I always hate it when I get hurt, someone almost always says “Now it couldnt hurt that bad.” Im like “Yes, it damn well can you %@#hole!”

When your at the office again could you get the know it all’s to tell you how I can win the lotty since I am tired of not winning

ok samlar…they would have some silly comment like…why throw your money away like that …why not invest it in *company name * stock or something worthwhile…

i just wanna smack them …sometimes…and call them dumbasses :wink:

ok time for more…PAIN MEDS!!!
whooo hoooo can i get a hip hip hurray!!! for Demerol!!!