I have just downloaded Knoppix in iso format, how do I make this image into a bootable disk?

I have nero and Winiso 5.3 which do I use and how do I use them to make a bootable cd of Knoppix.

Any help on this subject would be appreciated

i believe you simply burn the iso to disc - as the iso should be bootable anyways. using nero - do not burn it as a data disc. cancel the wizard, go to the file menu, and choose burn image. it should be as easy as that.

whether you can boot from it is dependent on your system. you should change the boot order in your bios. if your system is incapable of booting from cdrom, you will have to boot to knoppix from dos :frowning:

best of luck.

Yep, simply choose to burn the ISO in Nero (File -> Burn image).

If Nero asks what type of disc this should be, make sure you pick the 2048 bytes per block mode.

i burned it with nero and it should work great with the tips given above

On IRC there was someone who tried this software, but from what I could understand it is limited…all passwords are locked and you cannot become root (or not easily anyway) yourself…

But fun for experimenting I suppose…

i have it on cd…if i know how linux works (new to it)…i can check if the root can be reached

isn’t the root the part were you type the commands?

@damiandimitri: root is a user on Linux (Unix) systems with full control over the system. Kinda like the administrator on Windows NT/2k/XP boxes.
The kind of thing you think to be the root (this is from dos: the highest location on a partition) is called a console in Linux.

@Tax: maybe this can help him?

oops////thank you

that is why many people don’t use linux…i guess
but knoppix seems to make it a lot eassier

you type commands in the x-term - type su in that, and then the root password :wink:

Originally posted by ckin2001
you type commands in the x-term - type su in that, and then the root password :wink:

Euh yeah… but that’s the problem (that pw is unkown!).

Maybe typing sudo before a command that should be executed as root works (e.g. sudo ls -aX)?

maybe - but wont it still try to authorize you as root? ill have to get on and look that up later. a friend of mine had knoppix running for a few different times, but he isnt on aim right now and i dont have his email. ill see what i can find, though.