Knoppix 1.3 is cool :)

I didn’t believe it… sha right … some exotic hardware and Knoppix will go paws up , dead on his back…

but it recognized all the hardware (except scroll mouse) of 2 of my systems and actually was ready within 3 or 5 minutes of booting… quite amazing … who needs a harddisk anymore :slight_smile:

And what can it do? What is it? And where can I get it?

Bootable linux distribution

I really do like Knoppix. I booted it on my laptop some time ago and guess what: my screen worked fine. Redhat 8.0 can’t detect my screen and needs manual configuration (that means vi xf86config :))

Knoppix 1.3 just does the job perfect…! Slow, but for a CD distro really well…

Hehe I booted Knoppix on an ancient P1 with only 16mb in it…booting took about 25 minutes, loading Openoffice about an hour :slight_smile: