Knights of the Old Republic


anyone got a working bwa for this game? i bought it and am trying to back it up but my computer sucks too much to give me a clean working bwa.

it has securom on it.

haha i tried using other game bwas from these bwa download sites but it dont work either… i definatley need it made from soneone who bought it… TIA

I’m having the same problem with KOTOR and trial version 4.5.7.

if you need a good bwa file reply and ill send one

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if you need a good bwa file reply and ill send one

i need a good bwa for knights of the old republic
check ur im wakemonkeypimp and tia for the bwa…


You’ve got an email

portmac’s awesome site has a bwa for kotor, so get it there…

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[B]portmac’s awesome site has a bwa for kotor, so get it there… [/B]

Thanks to wakemonkeypimp for supplying the BWA :slight_smile:

I have a Lite-On 52327s (Q0C or whatever firmware…)

I backed up my purchased copy of Kotor using BW5, everything went ok except for the play cd. It worked during install but it won’t launch the application from the game menu, it’ll start but then hang and just disappear. I re-dumped the image using blindwrite suite nibble mode including the bwa file, and then burnt a copy using DAO PW and that did the same thing. I then grabbed the bwa from the link above and got the same result (with bwsuite). Any ideas what I should do to get this to work?

you will have to make a copy with Autoplay …if you are a registered user…go ahead and upgrade to BW5…that will allow your issue to be resolved

I made a copy with autoplay. I have 4 coasters. 2 are from using blindwrite 5. 1 is from blindwrite suite using the bwa it generated. And the other is from blindwrite suite using the bwa from the link.

Perhaps I am missing something obvious. I’ve made numerous working backups of other software using blindwrite 5 like CoD and GTAVC. I had to use Blindwrite suite to get Diablo2 LOD expansion to work, so thats why I tried it for Kotor as well… But so far no luck.
An interesting point is that when I create the image using Blindwrite5, it always mentions a sector it had to “fix”. Blindwrite suite doesn’t mention it however. I know my CD drive is capable of making the backup, and capable of creating the bwa, so I must doing something wrong. And since BW5 has no settings to change (as far as I know) I’m kind of lost without some other suggestions. I can’t get BW5 to make it’s image without that sector fix, so maybe I should try using BW5 to burn the image that BWS created… Thanks in advance for any help.

edit: I should mention that all 4 copies of disc 1 work for the install, but they don’t allow the application to start. It will try, but then lose it. I don’t get an error or anything, the process just dies. The original CD works fine.

Is there anyone out there that has had any luck backing all of the CD’s up to a single DVD?

Maybe I have done something wrong, but I’d like the option of installing the entire game from one disk, as opposed to switching disks. When I tried, it always asks for disk 4.

Any suggestions?

Also, does anyone here have a Big Lots near them? I bought the game a month ago for a golden goose: $7.99 :eek:

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi guys, sorry for bringing up this very old topic, but can anyone send me the BWA file for this? Portmac’s site seems like there’s nothing on it and I tried using Alcohol 120% to get the MDS image and used the blindwrite BWA builder to try and change it to BWA but it says there’s no topology information. Please help.