Knights of the Old Republic Two trouble

Hi all,

I recently bought Kotor 2 and I want to put it on alcohol 52%.

I can burn the image fine using securom new 4.x-5.x, but when I mount the image and click game this message appears: “Please remove the disc from the current CD/DVD drive and insert the disc in another drive D”

I tried disabling my other drives and renaming my emulator drive to D, but nothing seems to work. Any help you guys can give me is greatly appreciated because I cannot think of anything else to try. Thanks

Some games just run from their installation drive (hotwired) although I never noticed this with SecuROM games like in your case. From my knowledge this is/was a feature of some SafeDisc protected titles. Anyway you could try uninstalling the game and reinstall it from your image using Alcohol’s virtual drive and also use the same drive for playing.

ok then would I have to have virtual images of all four cds, or just the first one?

All four CDs otherwise you can’t install from from your virtual drive. You can create images of the unprotected discs without special settings in Alcohol at full speed.

OK that worked, thanks