Knights of Honor removing DAEMON.DLL and Patin Couffin 24

It is new JoWooD xprot. I’ve added it to new version of aray.

So knights of honer is SecuRom 5 and JoWood XProt?

ben :slight_smile:

now we can slaughter JoWood :wink:

I can confirm this strange behaviour, tested with KnightsofHonor and
lock.dll-function. After message “please unlock daemon.dll” appears,
the protection seems to remove the daemon.dll

I strongly suggest the manufacturer to think about such behaviour, as
we consider it as illegal in most parts of the world. We will for sure
answer this unfriendly act, that’s somewthing you can count on :a

anybody got the JoWood customer support email?

who wants to boycot the company?
Email: for knights of honer and to contact the JoWood Public Relations (these are who needs talking to as in my opinion what they have done is illegal, maybe philamber or a cdfreaks with good legal knowledge could say).

thanks, ben

now we can slaughter JoWood
Im in favour. Actually why dont we send Sony and Macrovision to the morgue too. Ive mail bombed them ;).

Actually, the devs arent doing much wrong…its the publishers!

The game is actually published by Sunflowers, not Jowood.

Hmmmm i installed game and my DAEMON.DLL is still there…?

Damn, yes, you’re right. It’s published by SunFlowers.
@rubber: did you activated lock.dll-function?
Only when lock.dll is activated, daemon.dll is removed

JoWood isnt the game publisher, but JoWood dont only make games, they also make a protection called JoWood XProt, however we feel this protection is illegal as it removes deamon tools without telling the user.

ben :slight_smile:

ps. can anybody save the lisence agreement at the begining as a .txt file and attach it here (please dont copy/paste it as a post as it will be massive) so i can read through it and see if it says anything about it removing JoWood, thanks :bow:

We found out that this is a bug, not a “feature”. Therefore, we all should wait
until they will hopefully correct this bug with one of the next updates.
While I believe in an “accident”, I hope such bugs can avoided in the future.

I hope you’re right Lotus and hopefully they’ll stop forcing you to remove VSO Patin-Couffin.

question: are they forcing you to un-install patin couffin (and if so, which version is detected by the protection?) - or would it be enough to disable the vso-device in the system-manager???

bug? what? so its just a coincidence that a copy proction disables copying programs?

ben :slight_smile:

DEL Eishockey Manager 2005 also forces you to uninstall Patin-Couffin, otherwise the game won’t start.

I didn’t try disabling it in the system controls, maybe I should give it a try. Check out the protection list for SecuROM and Game version.

No, it’s for sure not an coincidence. But (hopefully) the daemon.dll removal is it.
Nevertheless, like always, game-companys seems to not think twice - such behaviour,
even if it’s a bug, for sure NOT generate more potential customers. I would guess that
many potential customers are lost only by reading this thread.
If this is NOT a bug, it means nothing less than that this company SHIT on their
customers. They don’t even care of system-stability. In EU-states you have your
rights to use Daemon Tools. And it’s possible to sue companys that delete foreign
files without warning and a risk of system-crash.

My PERSONAL opinion: Boycott such companys, don’t PLAY the games, but also
don’t BUY them, YOU have ALL the power to show them WHO is king.

After all, it seems we should update Daemon Tools more frequently - maybe daily.
This was not our initial intention, but it seems they leave us no more options

i think this is illegal and they be forced to close down, JoWood that is.

ben :slight_smile:

JoWood won’t give a shit about what we think. As long as the $ keeps rolling in.

This technique can be quite effective. I’m not sure if anyone remembers the spat Trillian was having with AOL. AOL started to update its servers (almost daily) to refuse Trillian users the ability to use AIM. So the Trillian folks released patches each and every time to circumvent what AOL was doing until the giant finally fell.

If you know a way to get around what this game and others are doing, please don’t roll over. It has been proven that David can win in situations like this.

With the current state of PC gaming in the market today, they do not need to piss any one off, especially legitimate users who make backups. Console gaming has already captured 75% of the gaming market. Tactics like this will only hurt them more.

I think PC gaming companies should concentrate more on writing bug free enjoyable games for the PC, instead of annoying copy protection schemes.

Funny thing is one of the best games on the market today the DVD version NWN Platinum, took all of thier copy protection away from thier game (other than a dvd check) because of issues with securerom and other hardware/software. They know how weak the PC gaming market is today and use other ways to avoid piracy, such as a cdkey which you can only play that copy from one machine at a time. :wink:

Let us face it the real pirates will just download a modified exe or whole hacked iso and use it. There is not alot they can do against that.