Knights of Honor removing DAEMON.DLL and Patin Couffin 24

Made a backup of Knights of Honor today and installed it without any problems. As I started the game the following pop up appeard ‘Conflict, please deactivate or uninstall BlindWrite/CopyToDVD Patin-Couffin driver’. After I uninstalled Patin-Couffin 24 (I’m using BlindWrite I had to unlock DAEMON.DLL otherwise the game won’t start. I unlocked it and was finally able to play the game. After reboot I got this error message ‘C:\Windows\daemon.dll error’, after checking the directories daemon.dll was gone :eek:. This game really s…ks and I don’t know if this is the way to treat your customers. So BlindWrite is some kind of ‘blacklisted’ and if I’m not wrong other apps also using VSO Patin-Couffin so they’ll have the same problem, even they got nothing to do with PC backups. I read a post in the BlindWrite forum some days ago which described the same problem but I couldn’t find it. So is this even legal to force a customer to uninstall Software?

just from my feeling i would say:

NO! This can NEVER be legal!!!

especialy when it comes to delete files without telling you it really s*cks!!!

this is the behaviour of a virus… checking for special files and trying to deactivate / kill them… :frowning:

man, where is this holy war of copy protections going to?!? :rolleyes:

what is it protected by, copybase and portmac dont have it down? i dont think i have ever heard of a CP doing this. however i susspect it would be StarForce 3 as this is the CP that messes about with your system the most. or maybe it is JoWood XProt along with some other protection, i know this can disable RPMS and other emulation.

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JoWood XProt is just a exe protecter, attempting to protect the exe from being hacked.

As a workaround, you can try this:

  1. Reinstall dtools if it has been killed by this protection.
  2. Make sure daemon.exe/tray icon are closed
  3. Open daemon.exe in a hex editor
  4. Find and replace the string ‘daemon.dll’ with something else (e.g., zaemon.dll), but make sure you replace (not insert) characters
  5. Rename C:\windows\daemon.dll to C:\windows\zaemon.dll
  6. Restart dtools and it might be ok to play this game

it is mainly a exe protector, so it is normaly used along with anouther protection, but JoWood XProt can disable RPMS and other tools used for playing backups.

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If they are removing files from other applications without consent or knowledge is that not a copyright infringement? My suggestion, file a complaint at least here in the states with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Last time I checked Copy To DVD did nothing illegal.

i might buy this game just so i can complain and get my money back :slight_smile:

i might waste posts.

CopytoDVD is not illegal, its just like a spin off of Nero, perhaps. Does anyone know what protection KoH uses yet?


I got this game too…cant make a good bwa file though…was going to twinpeak…anyone able to post a good bwa.

So the games purely look for strings???
How poor of a programming tactic is that… so lame

it think all it does it looks for the daemon.dll file. but what he is saying is that why you would do is change the file that deamon looks for’s filename and the deamon can still work and Knights of Honor wont pick it up :slight_smile:

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Yes, of course it is a lame trick. Safedisc’s and SecuROM’s blacklisting are 100% stupid. This is THE proof that they are unable to write a good protection. Furthermore, they are unable to come up with a good blacklisting technique. These guys have been trying to patch their buggy code for years. I’d be surprised if they even had a remote idea of how alcohol/d-tools work.

So they choose the easy way: What they are trying to do here is open <windows dir>\daemon.dll (if it is there) and issue commands into it. This is how daemon’s tray program works; it sends commands via daemon.dll.

What andareed proposed is to rename daemon.dll to somethign else, and make daemon’s tray program (daemon.exe) aware of this change so that it still works.

SecuROM detected

Now all i need is a good bwa from someone…im having probs :slight_smile:

what software are you using to make a bwa?

ben :slight_smile:

ps. i think it is using some other protection aswell (i suspect JoWood XProt as this is the one that disables RMPS and other emulation)

Can you please send me exe and dlls to ? I will try to add detection to aray. thanx



R!Co does A-Ray detect JoWood XProt? i am sure that there is some other protection aswell as SecuRom 5 as SecuRom 5 (to the best of my knowledge) doesnt disable any programs.

ben :slight_smile:

It should

I will check this. At least there should be second confirmation before we
start to slaughter JoWood :wink:

ok, maybe it is some custom protection, if A-Ray 2 does detect JoWood then it probibly isnt that, i never had any evidence, it was just a suspicion as JoWood was the only one i knew that disabled software.