Knights of Honor (Need help so Much)

Alright, I got a problem.
And im new to the Forum so say if I am posting in the wrong Forum.

I downloaded this Torrent : Knights.Of.Honor.CLONECD-CXZiSO :bow:

I followed the simple install instructions.
I used two 700 MB cd’s to burn the Image files with Alcohol 120%.

When i was done with both cd’s I installed it.
But then this error appeared when i placed cd 2 in the driver.

Feature : FirstLang
Component : Packs_En
File : D:\
Error : Incorrect Funtion (transfer error)

I want to know how to make a working CD 2 for Knights of Honor
plz help me


Buy the game if you want to play it, we will not help you with your downloaded rubibsh.

Make sure you read the post that VirusHack linked in his post.

Thread Closed.