Knights of Honor game removes DAEMON Tools DLL-file?

I just posted the article Knights of Honor game removes DAEMON Tools DLL-file?.

  Womble used our news submit to inform us that the game "Knights of Honor" by  Black Sea Studios/Sunflower contains a copy-protection that seems to  remove                        ...
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I don’t liek the sound of this tampering… Also what is the legality of this since if there is nothing in for example the EULA (or whatever its called) at the start of installation, then surely they are breaching rules of some form? I suppose a way around this if it looks for the file daemon.dll is to allow the manual naming of such a file, just like we can already name the driver etc…

can somebody who owns the game scan it with a-ray, or does anybody know what it is protected with? maybe it is a custom protection.:slight_smile:

I am sure the EULA says they can do this with very vague wording, but someone should sue them for this, as you don’t know it will happen until after you open the box, thus you cannot return it.

Despite ELUA agreements I find this totally immoral, anti competitive and outright malware. BOYCOTT THIS GAME & LETS GET A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT STARTED Renaming your DLLs is not a fix for this, as it would be VERY easy for programs to instead of searching for a filename, search for the certain app DLLs in general using hashes, which will match despite what filename or date you have on a DLL or EXE.

The simple solution to this is to just not buy this game as Rhelic suggests. It doesn’t look that good…

They should be forced by court order to put a sticker or a label on it …any lawyer amongst the cdfreaks?

Wait a minute, does the company actually expect me to uninstall completely legal burning software that I have paid for just to play their game? This is unbelievable. Maybe a representative from a fellow game company has infilitrated them to propose this ludicrous protection scheme in order to drive away business.

Well, if a game software company delibertly wants the user to remove recording software from their PC to a play their games, I would recommend the user to boycott the company by avoiding their products and persuading friends to do so also. Either that or get everyone that has the same game to demand a “bug fix” or “update” to fix the conflict issue. Enough complaints about this flooding their support lines may help. :stuck_out_tongue:
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just for your information, they mistake their procedure, and speak about patin couffin when the drivers they are looking for is Autoplay. the fact of PatinCouffin is used in a lot of products and for completely legal purposes is indeed annoying for customers.

Sounds like this game contains a rather nasty virus or trojan, not nice!!! :r

It’s one thing to refuse to install if other burning soft is present, but it’s most likely illegal to secretly corrupt other programs.

I rarely play games. I produce DVD’s for friends and what not. I author up DVD’s, mount the image with Daemon Tools to check the DVD for bad links, etc… competely legitimate reason to use Daemon Tools other than playing bootleged games. This is one company I will not purchase software from.

Jeee, we condemn piracy. But this is totally UNACCEPTABLE! To hell with this publisher!!

An operating system that doesn’t let one program, delete another program’s files is needed in this sort of situation.

i am not sure but i think this is a criminal act the “the computer misuse act” it was to stop staff doing damage to infomation on pc’s ie-deleteing a file

It does extractly what a VIRUS may do. So this game is a f**king virus.

I have a funny feeling just like everyone else here that this is bordering on being illegal. As mentioned by Daemonicus, that driver can be used for legitimate reasons as well. Something is not right here and I bet they will eventually get into a whole hell of a lot of trouble for doing crap like this. In the mean time, I’ll stay away from that companies products like the plague!!

We should send this info to CD and DVD burning App makers, let them fight the game makers, they have the money we consumers do not. Or use the US govt since this may not be legal.

Such copy protections are the reason honest people have to resort to pirating games! With a proper crack you can have any cd burning app installed and no other application files will be deleted. Regardless, the game is crap and not even worth pirating. I just feel sorry for the guy who bought it. Also, for those that must install this game, you should use a tool like VMware to run a virtual clean windows install and this game. Then the game can delete any files it want’s and won’t matter to the real OS. This game should be blacklisted as malware in virus definitions.
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