Kmart YMMV - LVW 5005 for $90.00 (Worth It?)

Kmarts are supposedly closing out the LVW 505 for $90.00. Are they worth it, or should I wait for BF deals that will be showing up next month…

Just glancing at online prices, it seems like a pretty good price. What is kmarts return policy and are there special restriction on electronics or clearance items? You could always buy it at kmart, keep it unopened and see what black friday offers (or if you can even get a black friday deal shoud thier be one as quantities are often limited). If nothing beter comes along, keep it, if something beter does come along, return it.
Kmart could always drop the price further too so you could get them to price adjust it. I recentlly got a belkin 550va ups for 40$ at office depot (great deal as the full retail is 110$) and never got around to opening it and installing it. So they dropped the price to 20$. I bought the last one they had for 20$. They wouldn’t price match clearance prices but did let me return the first one for the 40$ I paid, and sold it back to me at the current price in the system (20$).

I have the Liteon 5005! May be the same unit! OK, but not the best quality and very high defect rate. Buy the extended warrenty!

my grandma got this

a few things to note

u can do a firmware trick to make region and macro turned off

also these units have a problem with HEAT, heard it has to do with the tv guide thing, my g’ma runs it without that feature and doesnt have to many problems

90 bucks, u can get a better burner to be honest


thought this unit was a sears thing, idk, but yea, just wait, u got a frys near you? or just watch the ads for big stores near u, there is always 100 decent burnes on sale or reg price that would be 2x better then this unit