KMart sales on CD-R's

I just stopped by KMart on my day off and discovered that they had packed their shelves to the brim with Fuji-CD-R’s. Most of which were shockingly the MIJ version, not that MIM that they were trying to pawn off about 2 months ago. Does anyone know if this is a sign of an impending sale next week???

hmmm, the title brought me here
thanks for the info that they stack their fuji cd spindles very high


Yeah, thanks for the tease. I feel violated now! :eek:

So does KMart having a crapload of Fuji CD-R’s in stock signify an upcoming sale on them?

You already violated K-Mart and all of us on the last couple of TY CD-R deals, so I have no sympathy for you. :bigsmile:

Hard to say. I’d be more confident in speculating if I knew a holiday was coming up. The closest two are Easter and Tax Day, but I don’t think big sales usually revolve around those.

All speculating, may be the shelf is empty and they are just restocking it. Welp, CDR is least likely to be on sale during easter day

Your instincts were right! Sale is confirmed. $7 for a 50-pack. It’s in the new circular.

Link here

Excellent news.

Last time all I found were Made in Malaysia, these were Daxon and do burn very well but I will have to look for some MIJ

Yeah my KMart had a bunch of MIM’s on the main display shelf. I bought 2 spindles last time and they have worked out pretty well. I usually burn copies of my radio shows on them to distribute to friends.

This time, my KMart had the MIJ spindles up on top in the restocking shelf. I grabbed 4 spindles today. Woohooo! Is it sad that I came back home to drop off my spindles so they wouldn’t get too hot sitting in my car while I ran errands?

You guys are a bad influence. I’m thinking about going back and getting some more. After all, 6 3/4 spindles isn’t that much is it? Its funny but very few KMarts here have the MIJ Fuji’s anymore. I saw some up near DC the other week and almost bought some, but I balked at the 18.50 for a spindle price. I’ve been to stores in three other locations in state and none have had MIJ. Strange.

Happy shopping ladies and gents!

There is high possibility that these Fuji DVD and CD-R are MIT so therefore I can get rushed to buy them.

Well, stop hunting for MIJ DVD media under Fujis brand
but for CDR, your chance of landing on TY media is very high

What are you talking about? Can you try that sentence again?

This thread is about the CDs. We know the DVDs are MIT, because there are no more Fuji MIJ DVDs in the states. That’s a non-issue. On the other hand, my local K-Mart had nothing but MIJ TY CD-Rs, and that is what the interest in the sale is about.

At the KMart in my town, they have been either MIM or MIJ for the Fuji CD-R’s. And at 7 bucks per 50pk, its probably worth a trip out to your local KMart if you need more CD-R’s or want to stock up.

Now at BBuy I’ve seen MIM, MIT, and MIJ Fuji CD-R’s all on the same shelf. And BBuy’s in different cities seem to vary. Some have only MIT or MIM. Some have just the MIM. Some seem to have both MIM and MIJ. Why, I have no idea. Just my observations.

If these Fuji are to be MIJ then they worth getting them I might go this evening or tomorrow to Kmart to see if I can find some MIJ ones.

negritude, they used to be plenty Fuji DVD+R MIJ here I have still have in my stock three pack of 100. Remember BB use to have this disc on sale for $16/ pack of 50. Do not be surprised that you can still find some of these in some not those noticeable stores.

I see MIJ CD-Rs everywhere, Rite-Aid, Frys Electronics, Bestbuy, Walmart, K-mart, Sam Goodies, small guiltar stores, and any other retailers that carry Fujifilm CD-R. Some of the Sony Audio CD-R are also CD-R and most of the Maxell Pro are MIJ. So finding MIJ CD-R is much easier than MIJ DVD media unless you have to resort to rima or online media stores

Yes, but that was over a year ago. Fuji MIJ DVDs are gone now, unless there is some equivalent store to Sears, which keeps restocking 8x Fuji disks.