Kmart on Sales Circular - $5 Fuji 15pks?

is this right? can’t find anything on their website, and i don’t get any ‘weekly ads’ for my zip(s) here in NY… don’t want to spend lunch going down to astor place if they ain’t goin’ be there…

if you can’t find any for your zip code, put in “13210” that’s my zip.

it’s on page 11 of the weekly ad (there are 2 ads available to view…it’s the one on the left)

not the best deal in the world, but if you can find MIJ it’s definitely worth it considering how scarce the fuji branded TYs have been lately. I’m going to check my Kmart today

even if yours doesn’t have the sale, print the ad and they might price match it for you anyway…

It’s in the New York Circular (Feb 25th - Saturday, Mar 4th pg 11) and on the website.
For that price I just may take a ride to the shit store to get some!!!
Lets just hope they have MIJ.

well then i’m off to go get some… thanks for all the help! although i still can’t find it on the ad, and my zip at work in manhattan and at home in brooklyn say no weekly ad still…

ok i took a look but cleared my location… looks like the only one by me that has weekly specials and is NOT in new jersey is staten frickin’ island! :frowning:

I got one MIJ. Thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile: