KMART Fuji DVD-+R 50 pk for $18

50 packs for $18 and 15 packs for $6. Don’t know whether that are MIT or MIJ.

But for those having a hard time finding what they want.

BTW, the ad shows the 15 pack and in fine print it mentions the 50’s.


most fujis are MI

T nowadays. I ran into a few spindles of MIJ fuji at Fry’s Electronics. But that dammm store never had any media on sale except those “Great Quality” GQ.

Fry’s price matches. Sales elsewhere is as good as a sale at Frys.

yup, frys is the stuff :slight_smile:

going there tommorow for the 5 dollar 1 million candlelight flashlight and i might have to pick up some media, not sure tho

Thanks dsdarli, I’ve been waiting for this. The local KMart has both MIJ and MIT Fuji.

assuming i can find some MIJ at my kmart, are all MIJ fujis going to be TY? over at media it looks like there’s a wide variety of MIDs for FUJI stuff, but does anyone know if i’ll be safe if i can find MIJ? I wouldn’t want to end up with riteks :frowning:

MIJ fuji’s are ty, never heard of anything else from fuji that was made in japan, plus u can easly tell by the spindle

Make sure to read the disk and not the package. I just got back from my local KMART and I was about to give up, not finding any MIJ on the outside package. Then I noticed that some of the 15 pack +R had foamies on top of the disk and some did not. I then looked closer to find that the ones without the foamies on top were marked with Made In Japan even though the package had Made In Taiwan. I bought two packs and they are indeed TY TG001133 and they burn very nice on the BenQ 1620.

Just thought I would let you all know. I guess this batch was all packaged in Taiwan.


back to kmart i go tomorrow. i wish i thought to look for things like that! so you can see it printed on the disc itself?

i still want sonys to go on sale somewhere other than best buy so i can get a price match and use my stupid best buy bucks.


i got 21 best buy bucks, that means i can get media for nothing (well not nothing since i payed for my food)

crankydan is right. I found tons of 15pack Fuji +R the package says Made in Taiwan but the top disc is Made in Japan, which most likely YUDEN000T02.

But I did score 2 x 50pack +R MIJ and a few 15pack -R MIJ. :wink:

I am tempted to go grab some of these… not because I need media, but because Fuji is mostly MIT now.
I still have roughly 180 MIJ Fuji discs, 80 unbranded TYs and 50 Verbatims 16x+R left, but who knows how accessible exceptional media will be in the future??

I was in my local Best Buy (Concord,CA) yesterday and the 50 pack of the Fuji DVD+R is MIJ. All other sizes and all DVD-R are MIT at this store. I just saw this deal so I will return the Verbatims I bought (they burn well in my 1640) and try these out. I hope they don’t give me a hard time about not having the physical ad (just a printout).

Yep, the local Best Buy had their usual $9 for 25-pack sale on Fuji, and the 25-packs are all MIT now. Kinda sad, really. Media code is Ritek-R03-02. Mixed quality, really. Probably burn ok and then degrade quickly. Bleh. I’m gonna have to start ordering my discs, aren’t I?

You will never find Ritek MIJ, I can guarantee that. As long as you see an MIJ spindle, take it. Even if it is not TY, it is still good stuffs. Only a few media code that are MIJ, TY is one, Maxell is the other, and some Sony. I am going to have Fry’s match price with BestBuy this weekend.

Went back into Best Buy today and picked up two 50 packs of the Fuji DVD+R MIJ price matched to $18. They put up a terrific fuss and told me they could only go to $25. What total BS!!! After I got a little upset they called the manager who fussed some more then matched the price. Best Buy Sucks!!

Anyway, I then took a trip to the local KMART to see if the Fuji 50 packs they had on sale were MIJ or MIT. They had 12 packs on hand and 4 were MIJ and 8 were MIT. I picked up two more MIJ packs for fun.

Good luck getting Best buy to match since apperently it goes below thier cost but you might have good luck at Kmart itself.

My local BB stores always want to weasel out of their pricematch policies. On the other hand, local Circuit City stores never complain and gladly take your money, no hassles what so ever. Guess the BB policy means we’ll price match anytime we feel like it. Heck ,they even whine about matching pricing, believe it or not !

I have stopped giving them my money unless there’s absolutely no other choice in town. I’ll even spend more to shop someplace else.

yea bb doesnt like the price match 9 out of 10 times, but i have always had a good experince myself with bb matching prices, just not beating them like they say they will

so wait, BB doesn’t do the price match + 10%? I thought that was pretty universal because the point is to get people to buy it at that store and not bring their business elsewhere. that’s ridiculous. I’m tempted to go to BB tomorrow and grab some of these fuji’s just to wait for them to give me a hard time. I can be a bitch sometimes haha.

they do the 10% of the deffernce usaull saving u 30 cents, lol thats not really beating it in my mind, some people are cool there and will beat it buy a few bucks, u just gotta be dealing with a person with a brain there and thats hard to find, even the geek squad is stupid there

no offesnse if u work there or for geek squad, but 90% of worker there dont know anything