"klonk" noise, when closing the PX-130 drive tray?


And then things doesn’t work like they should. I have to reboot windows XP, to get my normal 40x speed setting back again in my music program Cubase.

Its like the drive won’t spin when the “klonk” noise is heard. Anybody heard that, and knows what to do?


It’s like you said “things doesn’t work like they should” i’d replace it.

Thanks rolling…

Burnings on my Verbatim x4 DVD+RW media (PX-755a) has gotten better with an update, but still not as good as when I burn on my PX-708, which makes perfect burns on the mentioned DVD+RW media.

And now the strange “klonk” noise :frowning:

I don’t think Plextor are living up to the good old days SCSI plextor reputation, where they were solid as a rock.

Which burned brand should I choose, if I went away from Plextor? What is good for audio extraction, and makes perfect burnings?