Klick noise on ND-3500AG

This problem started yesterday. When I put a CD or a DVD, and press the close button. I can hear a Klick like noise when the drive i reading the disk.
It goes like this “Klick-Klick-Klick-Klick-Klick-Klick-Klick-Klick-Klick-Klick-Klick”
When the klicking stoppes, the cd or dvd is unreadabel. :doh: :doh:
Are they anny new frims for ND-3500AG??
Is it a common problem with ND-3500AG?
I can try to record the noise.

Here are the link to the recording


Probably the media your drive tries to read is crap or just bad burned.

Don’t thinks so. I have tryed original dvd like: Kill Bill, but it still Klicks :eek: :eek:

Hate to say it but it sounds like your 3500 is dead.

I have that exact same symptom with my 3500 and it doesn’t READ any kind of media (blank DVDs, blank CDs, burned DVDs, burned CDs, pressed CDs and pressed DVDs). It stopped working. My PC still recognizes the drive but it is unable to read anything anymore. 3 weeks ago. I was archiving my mp3 collection via itunes to DVD +R DL media. It got to the last disk and just failed. After that, it hasn’t worked since.

My 3500 made a noise like that, however it seened to operate fine! Wierd…

What you’re describing is exactly what mine did when it died, and it sounds exactly the same, too.