Is there any other program that can do what kleptomania does? Like copy list of files and convert them to text? I need one that has auto-scroll feature so I can copy a long list of files that doesn’t fit into one window. TIA!

Dunno what kleptomania does but if you simply wanna make a directory list try dir “type your path here” /b (/s for subdirectories) > “type your path here\list.txt”

e.g. dir “C:\Winnt\System32” /b /s >“C:\list.txt”

Thanks for the reply. What kleptomania does is simply capture whatever file list is on the screen and convert them to text - easy to use for people like me who are not familiar with command lines :slight_smile:

I forgot to say that you must type it in MS-DOS prompt :smiley:

and that’s why I said command line - not really comfortable with that :wink: but I might give it a shot later. Just another quick question, is it possible to choose like the first twenty files or half of what’s in a directory and export them into a list using command lines?