Kiss Technology DP-600 held in warehouses waiting on a fix

I just posted the article Kiss Technology DP-600 held in warehouses waiting on a fix.

 Lord KiRon used our news submit to tell us:"Finally Cisco and the  industry is starting to understand what users are saying for last 2 years: "KiSS  produces overpriced and over hyped crap"....
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Kiss has missed the boat. Others have taken the lead and Kiss may be too late to gain the lost ground.

You may be right, but damn I hope not, that DP-600 media thingy is loaded with cool features. I think that Cisco, Linksys or someone needs to funnel some money their way for some help to get these items off the warehouse floor. If they would work they would sell. We see how critical quality and customer support is.

This is some sad news, KISS technology was like the first ones out there that knew what the user wanted. And made products for it long before other companys got to it. The downside is they couldn’t make good products or get them working even though the idéers where good. To bad.

The KISS was the first one to put DIVX on a Player… Tk good i buy an Amazing Philips 737 divx player. I even can chose the subtitles SRT:B Works like a charm:S