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I just posted the article Kiss Technology DP-500 Networkable DVD Player review @ TechSeekers. has had a look at the KiSS Technology DP-500 Networkable DVD Player. With the latest firmware, this can play Divx 3.11, 4, 5 and XviD not to mention DVD,SVCD,VCD…

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Network playback tethered to a PC sucks, it should support SMB/Windows file shares, and it needs to do mpeg2/svcd files too, I don’t expect a firmware upgrade any time soon for that. But a good start, it costs too much for not doing mpeg2/dvd/svcd files. Also the networking should be 100/1000 10mb Ethernet might be too slow for mpeg2.

I agree that all the formats it supports from playing from a CD/DVD should also be supported via the network. And it’s true that 3.11 support is a bit buggy, and that the PC Link software is very basic. The firmware also needs updating to give it full functionality over the “new” formats such as fast forward and rewind. However, for all these faults, this player is worth it just for the ethernet connection. Having access to my 43Gb of MP3s on my proper hi-fi setup downstairs is brilliant. The sound is great, and it’s so convenient to download a track and listen to it properly without having to burn a CD. By the way sorti, there is no need for Gigabit ethernet. Even if it did support MPEG2 via the network, the max bitrate allowed by DVDs is 9.8Mb/s and a 100Mbit connection = 12.5 Mb/s so no problems there.