KiSS releases first DivX compatible DVD player - 400 EURO

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KiSS Technology and DivX Networks have today announced that they will release the KiSS Technology DP-450, the first DVD player to offer compatibility with certain versions of DivX video…

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What a shame the vast majority of DiVX files one can download from the likes of KaZaA aren’t encoded with DiVX 4.x or 5.x. Therefore those movies are unlikely to play. And what’s the deal with the audio track? Does it support AC3 DVM? I think revoluntionary is a bit over hyped I’m afraid. Because DiVX cannot be called a standard, there being so many codecs out there, I would suggest that the format itself is little more than a means by which movies can be made easily portable. That is to say there is little quality loss, and most movies (well those upto about 2 hours long) can be backed up on a single 80 minute CD with little bother. In terms of playback flexibility, stick with MPEG1 (VCD) or MPEG2 (DVD) for ultimate compatibility. They may not offer the compression levels of DiVX but at least it’s a workable standard. No point in confusing the non-technical Joe public any more than they already are with the likes of this -R/RW and +R/RW nonsense going on.

create a cheap divx 3.xx stand alone player and you have something usefull :slight_smile:

I cant believe that they cant make a firmware upgradable DVD player that will play all formats including future ones. Of course… that does open a huge hole for illegal firmware, but somebody could and probably would. :wink:

why would u want to use DivX 3 when 4 and 5 are far superior?

Yeah but one day they’ll have 6 and it will be much better then 4, and 5. So why bother using 4, and 5 now. Just wait until the superior one comes out. One day a company will put out a product that’s right the first time around maybe.

@danny_uk_1982: Maybe you should read up on and use the mentioned codecs a tad bit more before commenting. DivX 3.xx is still the better codec of the three. A good SBC 3.xx rip is of better quality than both DivX 4-5.x. Although the diff. isn’t as large between 3.x and 5.x as between 3.x and 4.x there is still room for improvement. On the other hand 5.x is being activly developed (3.x not so) and will eventually surpass 3.x… but that is not the case as of now. // swede_242

I think many people have allot of movies coded with the DivX 3 codec and they won’t be able to play these movies.

why would i even bother to react to danny_uk_1982? swede_242 is completely right :slight_smile: go ahead and use your superior v5, i’ll stick to my sbc v3 rips :wink: just do the comparision for yourself and encode one movie in all the different versions and you’ll see, before just saying something you have red somewhere. seeing is believing

But if you’re going to encode your own movies, getting a quality rip is easier with v5 than with v3. If you’re willing to do the work, then v3 is nice. But v5 isn’t that bad, and much easier.

Simple…because Divx V3 is a hacked codec.

“why would i even bother to react to danny_uk_1982” u just did :stuck_out_tongue: I encode DivX all the time, I have about 80-90 movies I have ripped, in my experience DivX 4.11 is a lot better than 3.xx! especially with a dual pass and at DVD resolution

I think this is fantastic news. I had been hoping to see a DVD player with Divx capability come to the market. I will certainly buy one if they become available in Canada. I have over 300 Divx encoded movies already and although some use the 3.11 codec, most are encoded using 4.x and 5.x I think the quality issues between these different codecs are very unimportant (and certainly not as important as the compression bitrate and resolution selected by the person doing the encoding). I will admit that the divx format is very confusing for most people (as it was for me). I would recommend the following software tools for Divx encoding and playback on the PC 1 - Playback BSPLAY - The most compatible and fault-free player out there. Another great player is PowerDivx NextGen. All other players have significant flaws, unfortunately the worst player is ‘The Playa’ put out by Divx Networks and bundled with their Divx 5 codec. 2. Encoding Divx Movies Gordian Knot is the only package that appears to work well on most systems. I strongly recommend it. Both Xvid and Flask seem unable to work on the majority of systems so I cannot recommend them.

I agree, Besides the Divx Networks ripoff codecs divx 4 and 5 we definately need decoding support for XviD and divx 3.11. DivX 4/5 and XviD are both fully MPEG4 compliant codecs and divx 3.11 is an older not fully compliant version made by microsoft. As someone mentioned before, much of the maths and tricks within all these codecs are pretty much the same and they all require quite some processing power and (embedded) software. So basically I think that this player is a good devellopment, many more will hit the market and it’s almost certain that there will be models that allow to alter the firmware to also decode these other codecs. k0jaK

“DivX video compression technology, often called the “MP3 of video,” offers 7-10 times greater compression than MPEG-2 technology with no loss in visual quality” Now that is totally untrue! Codecs like divx 3/4/5 or xvid are actually only about 3 times as efficient as MPEG2. Don’t be fooled by the size of divx/xvid releases made by dvd-ripping groups. These have reduced resolution. The result is very good, way better than MPEG1 or MPEG2, but still there’s quite some loss in quality. k0

I would like to know wether the dvd-player can play mp3 or divx-files from a dvd-r in stead of only from cd-r like the players I know. Anyone who knows that? I’m interested because dvd-r’s are almost as cheap as cd-r’s (per GB) and are much easier to store.

i think, this is a nice player chio

There may be a way around the codec problems imposed by the player… by using the 4CC changer on a file you can select which codec the files uses to be decoded… Proven so far in software tests… Divx/Div3 can be played back under Div4 Xvid can be played back under Div5 I don’t know if anyone has already tried this with their player, but i’d be interested to see the results if anyone has tried this :slight_smile:

i’ve got that KiSS… in general, i’m very pleased with it, apart from the fact that it can’t play Div3. Therefor, i’m very interested in that 4CC thing, i’ve never heard of it before, but anything that can convert div3 into div4 of div5 would be nice. the KiSS can play xvid, so no need to convert that. So, what is it and where can i get it?