Kiss physcho circus

Anyone know what this is protected with , clonyxxl says no protection , taking ages to read , heaps of errors like a safedisc or similar ?

17mins for the first 10017 sectors , heaps like an sd title , but really slow to skip the errors with my liteon .

I think it 's safedisc v1.At least i had no problems when burning with my old yamaha 4416e and copy was perfect.

Good luck!

I used clonyxxl which DOES recognize safedisk however it came up as not protected first time , full scan says defsektors(I presume thats German for dummy sectors) , I tested a safedisk2 title straight after to see if I was reading safedisk slowly but it was happy to read it in about 5mins or less(moh:aa)

Either way the copy of pyscho circus works fine so no dramas !

i believe clonyxxl doesn’t report defsectors as a protection because they shouldn’t be a problem when you use clonecd and a compatible drive

(i read this somewere in the german text of clonyxxl)