KiSS DVD player DP-500

Morning gents :=)

Looking for a comment from anybody who has tried this or any other dvd player from KISS.

// Dumbo

Region Free Information here:

xbox + mod chip +XBMP v2.3 (xbox media player)

plays everything
divx3,4,5, xvid, tmd, vcd, svcd, dvd, mp3, audio

from hard drive, cdr, dvd-r
I’ve yet to find something it can’t play!

vivastar dvd-r :stuck_out_tongue:

You can check this link out at DVD Player Compability List.

And a test by Tom’s Hardware at this link

Edited: Sorry the links above is for the DP-450 and i saw after posting that you wanted info on the DP-500.

the DP-500 and DP-450 are identical except for a nic interface in the DP-500 - so the link are still good