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I just posted the article KiSS DVD player DP-450 review @ has a review on the KiSS DP-450
DVD player. This DVD player is one of the most popular devices at the moment as
it plays besides DVD movies also MPEG-4 movies, like DivX…

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damn, i want one… the good thing, is that lots of other companies are gonna follow with their own dvd/divx players. and prices will come down… whoo hoo! no more encoding my divx files to DVD to watch on the DVD player!

There is another version coming out after this one with ethernet, the DP-500? Not 100% sure if they will let you stream from your PC might just be for stupid picture viewing.

been using this for over 3 months now. Finally they got the subtitles to work on *.avi files, which makes it an even better device for me :wink:

This player is looking better and better the more i read about it