Kiss DP-450 Divx player first device to support Ogg Vorbis

I just posted the article Kiss DP-450 Divx player first device to support Ogg Vorbis.

KiSS is a Danish company and was the first company that announced and released a standalone DVD player that also included DivX support. The device priced at 500 EURO will however with a firmware…

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That should be support for output of progressive PAL, all DVD players support playback of PAL DVD’s.

ogg vorbis…can the dvdplayer play .ogm video files then too?

wohoo…good jobs … Ogg Vorbis team but when the iRiver next :frowning:

Well OGM can be Divx4.12+, Xvid and MP3/OGG/AC3 for audio. It’s whether the player can recognise the OGM file format and decode from it. What I’d like to see is not only support for OGG in AVI/OGM files but also for AC3 in AVI/OGM, dual audio and embedded subtitles. Hopefully these will all come later if not already implemented.