Kingston V 200 240GB SSD Review



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SSD’s are becoming more affordable and many people are looking for a drive to replace their old spinning hard drive. With that in mind Kingston has released the V 200 series SSD. A drive that is primarily for the people that want a low priced SSD that want compromise the overall performance. You can continue reading the full review of the Kingston V 200 SSD.a

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Yo Vroom-

Excellent review - not overly wordy and cuts right to the chase - thank you-eh!


Thanks Mike.


Yo vroom- has the 120gb version on sale right now for $99.95 and a $20 mail in rebate (good 6/14/12 ONLY) for a net of $79.95 SHIPPED!!!.


If the price is right and it appears to be over the US, it can be an excellent drive for a laptop or your second PC.


Great review and very surprising results when compared to their HyperX 240.