Kingston: SSDs to hit 50 cents per GB this year



Kingston: SSDs to hit 50 cents per GB this year.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A spokesman of Kingston expects price per GB of SSDs to drop significantly this year. The company also showed a system with 7000 MB/s read speeds

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At those prices, I may consider buying one. Perhaps I will buy a small one, and store my pagefile on it. I might also install some larger programs on it, and see how much reduction there is in loading times. From there, I will see how long it takes for it to slow down/die, and depending on the results, I may make the switch permanently.


We buy an identical set of two for machines, and clone the boot drive off once it’s “perfectly configured”, then we unplug the clone and let it sit.

Pagefiles requires tons of small Reads & Writes, by the way, and are sometimes argued to be better on an HDD because of ‘longevity of SSD’ concerns. But a small SSD might be the perfect test-case for these debates - some 40Gb would be huge for a Pagefile ‘partition’ drive. Hmmm… I wonder if I can scrounge one of those up? It wouldn’t be much of an issue if I blew up my Pagefile…


Imho, you’d be better off setting your pagefile to 128MB, or smallest possible, and putting the money towards more ram.

I wonder if this price drop is directly related to use of slow, low life, tlc flash tech.