Kingston SSDNow E100 Enterprise SSD

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Welcome to Myce’s review of the Kingston SSDNow E100 SATA Enterprise SSD.

The Kingston E100 can be described as a mainstream enterprise solution. It packages together 128GB of 32nm Toshiba Toggle NAND (with 28GB set aside for use by the controller) and an LSI Sandforce SF-2582 controller.

LSI Sandforce controllers, or Flash Storage Processors (‘FSPs’) as LSI Sandforce prefers to call them, have been hugely successful and are used by many SSD manufacturers. I remember well my first experience with a Sandforce FSP which was a few years ago, with an OCZ Vertex LE with a 3Gb/s, first generation, SF controller. As a member of the OCZ Support forum it was a lot of fun trying to figure out how the drive behaved.

The LSI Sandforce FSPs have a special capability – they can, where possible, compress data before it is written to NAND. As this is the first LSI Sandforce Enterprise drive we have reviewed we look at what makes them special on Page 3 below.

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