Kingston launces SDXC memory - new generation SD cards with 32GB-2TB capacity



Kingston has announcned the new SDXC memory cards, with capacities ranging from 32GB to 2TB. The SDXC is the new standard for SD cards, and is particularly interesting for heavy users and professionals.

At the moment, only limited amount of compatible devices are present on the market, but especially devices like camcorders, mobile phones and computer should benefit from this memory. This memory paves the road for even better quality camcorders and digital cameras.

As for the technical specs, the Kingston SDXC UHS-1 Class 10 cards have reported read speeds of 60MB/sec and write speeds of 35MB/sec. Expect worldwide availability from late June, with a suggested retail price of about $500.

If you intent to purchase the SDXC cards, make sure to download the suitable SDXC driver to ensure compatibility. Windows XP (SP2); Vista (SP1) and Windows 7 are supported, and the drivers should become available via the Microsoft Download Center.

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A 2TB SDXC card would be nice. :iagree:

I remember when the SDHC standard was launched, at which time 2GB SD cards were still well over the price of even today’s 32GB SDHC cards. At that time, I was wondering whether they would ever manage to fit 32GB in an SD card, never mind the price once available!

Now, here we are at the start all over again, this time with the SDXC. :smiley:


[QUOTE=Seán;2522472]A 2TB SDXC card would be nice. :iagree:

Imagine the amount of data you could lose


Could a computer be set up to run off of an SD card like that? I know that may display a great amount of ignorance on my part but it seems that some sort of computing device could be made using that in place of the hard disc drives, and it would be really small. Just wondering.


I’ve heard of SSDs that were composed out of SD cards, which you could build yourself - but I don’t believe these were very successful :disagree: