Kingston introduces USB drive with new USB Type C connector



We’ve just posted the following news: Kingston introduces USB drive with new USB Type C connector[newsimage][/newsimage]

Kingston has announced an USB drive with USB Type C connector. The DataTraveler microDuo 3C flash drive has two ports which allows the drive to also work with “regular” Type A USB (up to USB 3.1) connectors.

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there are far too many port connectors already, this is just another move into obsolescence…
plenty of cameras and gps units still use mini-b connectors. just got used to the 3.0 connectors on the external hdd case…
I’m not sure flash drives have gotten the read/write performance to justify a 3.1 spec just yet… and many portable devices are NOWHERE near ready!!
Micro usb will be around for at least another 5 years in popularity.