Kingston Hyper X 3K 79.99 Today Only


#1 55.00 off with coupon code EMCYTZT1951

Newegg is having a sale on this great drive. Its the 120gb flavor but for 79.99 I think it a great opportunity for someone who has been looking to enter the SSD market for a good price. This is a one day sale July 25th 2012.:flower:


That’s 1.5GB/USD. :clap:


[QUOTE=Kenshin;2645601]That’s 1.5GB/USD. :clap:[/QUOTE]
Perhaps I misunderstood your post Kenny, is that good or not? Its way less than 1 USD a gb. Its about .75cent a gb in US dollars. I think I may have just had a brain lapse, yes its 1.5 gb for each USD. You are correct.:bigsmile:


Better ongoing deal now on the 128gb SataIII drive for $74.99

That’s 1.70Gb/USD

Or if you prefer $0.59USD/GB

This deal requires no promo code.