Kingston DataTraveler Elite 3.0 32GB USB3 review

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USB flash drives are the most popular medium when it comes to portable storage. There are a lot of reasons behind this, small in size but with a lot of capacity at a low price. The only problem was the slow USB2 interface.
Here at myce, we will be taking a closer look on performance of the Kingston DataTraveler Elite 3.0 USB3 32GB flash drive. A USB3 drive from Kingston that comes with a great price has all the benefits of the USB3 and comes with a five year warranty.
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A very nice drive, I have the Kingston DT Ultimate 32GB. It performs also very good, the speeds are pretty similar to the ones of the DT Elite which you have reviewed but it 's by far not so stylish.

Thank for the review, the device is defenitely worth to buy.

Nice speeds for a flash drive even on USB 2.0. But the warranty is no surprise to me, every drive I’ve looked at while shopping around lately has 5 years. I’ve had these things die on me, even a Kingston once but I think in general most of them last.

I find that the kingston brand are at the top of the heap. I have a data traveler 410 (16Gb) and a couple of DT R500 64Gb drives which allowed me to download a 37 Gb file. I have USB2 and it’s fast enough for me.

@ HD Tune Pro results

The result is almost identical to the FAT32 file system, however there are some strange spikes on the beginning.

Again the result is pretty much the same. So I can say that there isn’t any benefit between the two file systems.

Well, HD Tune “Benchmark” Tab is just a low level benchmark, so the Filesystem does not effect the results. You do not Bench the Partition/Filesystem itself.
You can also Bench the device without any Partition on it.