Kingston announces 40GB SSD

I just posted the article Kingston announces 40GB SSD.

Kingston launches cheaper, slower 40GB SSD for current PC owners.

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Still a bit pricey for a 40GB SSD now if it were say 60GB or more and a bit faster on the write speed
than it would be more in line on price compared to a standard hdd or if it were say $75.00 - $85.00
I would think it would probably be a real good seller at least I’d buy one or more at that price. :bigsmile:

The new cdfreaks site is a bit buggy… ugh,
anywho… this is crap… a competitive drive would be a 10:1 ratio in capacity… currently hard drives stand at 2tb which means ssds must meet the 10:1 ratio
200gb for $200 so, 40gb would be $40, not $115, hah… there are 32/64gb FLASH cards/sticks around… and computers can use flash drives as boot drives in many mobo’s so this product has no market, not to mention flash cards are cheaper. I think the 32gb’s go for $35 now and the 64gb’s (if you can find them, they’re kinda rare) are right around $100. SDHC and USB flash using 2.0 are the better value.