Kingston 512MB PC3200 HyperX Memory $30 after rebate with free shipping has the Kingston 512MB PC3200 400MHz 64x64 HyperX DDR Memory 184Pin for $50 - $20 rebate [Exp 1/31] = $30 with free shipping. CAS Latency 2 support for leading-edge performance. Timing of 2-3-2-6-1 (CAS Latency 2). Built-in heat spreaders.

Limit 1 rebate per person per household so you’ll need to get 3 friends lined up to receive rebates and you might be able to run Vista. :smiley:

This is an excellent price for high end PC3200 DDR1 memory given today’s memory market.

The regular price for 512 MB 3200 Kingston is $37.88 @ newegg sof if you get your rebate still you are only less than $8 ahead.

TCAS, I think that’s for Kingston Valueram. The link above is for HyperX which is selling for $47.49 plus $4.99 shipping at Newegg. That’s more than what you can buy it for without rebate at Fry’s right now since Fry’s has free shipping.

I can vouch for hyperx being good stuff, just got a 2gb kit myself and it really sped up my rig. the only bummer is that you have to set the timings and voltage manually as they default to 3-3-3-8 @2.6v, so you’re kinda SOL if you have a prebuilt rig that wont let you adjust mem timings and volts

good find btw, I’m tempted to get another gig :bigsmile:

The same is true of the Crucial Ballistix that I use. It even defaulted at 2.5v even though it’s rated at 2.8v. I still can’t set it for 1T though. :frowning:

Keep in mind that this Kingston HyperX is 64x64 high density. Check to see if your motherboards are compatible.

So how are you liking that new dual 2.6GHz FX-60? Can you tell a vast improvement? I’m hoping to overclock my x2 4800+ to the FX-60’s stock speed but I don’t expect any more than that. Have you tried any overclocks yet or are you letting it burn in at stock first?

I’m acctually starting to get buyers remorse on the fx-60. they sent me a bum stepping thats not stable @stock clock and stock volts, and with the cooler I’m running right now I’m seeing 60c @ load, so I can’t bump the volts yet. I underclocked it to 2.4ghz and it fixed all the probs with windows crashing and such, and lowered temps to ~55c, so hopefully thats a sign that it will run @2.6 w/1.4v once I get a better hsf installed (I have it on hand, just need to find time to install it). overclocking isn’t looking too promising, but I’m hoping to get to 2.8 with some tweaking. I guess I really can’t complain with the price I paid, on the invoice it says:
“FX-60…$248” :smiley:

as for performance, I havn’t really had a chance to test it out yet :o
windows does feel snappier when opening multiple progs, but the only cpu intensive apps I’ve run are prime95 and F@H, nothing multi-threaded yet. as soon as I get the new hsf installed and crank her back up to 2.6 I’m gonna encode some video :iagree:

Man, I thing I would be livid over that.
I think I would contact TD and let them know that your processor doesn’t run at said specifications. You shouldn’t have to put up with that nonsense.

I realize that shipping that entire package back to TD would cost an arm and a leg but you may be able to get just the CPU replaced or maybe sell the CPU by itself on ebay for about $400. People on there will buy anything it seems. I’ve seen many items sell for more than what Newegg would charge.

… or you could burn it up deliberately and try to get it RMA’ed. :smiley:

yeah, I’ve thought about RMAing it, and I still might, but if I can get it stable w/1.4v I’ll probably just let it slide. what I’ve really been thinking about is buying another barebones kit, swapping the cpu if its any better, then ebaying the rest, like you said, with the right ad the cpu alone would pull $400 easy, and even if it doesnt its still nearly impossible to lose money on it

Without a doubt Fry’s always has sales on RAM, Hard drive, Processor + MB (Combo) that you cannot resist and no one can beat the price. Fry’s best specials always start on Friday’s ad every week, so we should keep an eye for tomorrow’ ad from Fry’s.

I was thinking that 1.4v was the stock voltage on that CPU but I just looked it up on AMD’s site and the stock voltage is 1.3v/1.35v. Still though going .05 over the stock voltage shouldn’t hurt it unless the temps are high.

Stock voltage for my FX-55 is supposed to be 1.35V/1.40V, but I’m running it at 1.5v in order to overclock it to 2.8GHz. Temps under full load running Orthos (Prime95) are between 53-55C. The only time I ever run a CPU like that is when I’m stress testing it though.

Whatever you decide I hope it works out for you.

this one is 1.35v, wich is still fairly amazing considering my 3700 was 1.4v. I should have time today to mount the hsf, so hopefully i’ll be humming along at 2.6 again :smiley: my biggest problem is F@H, which pushes the cpu to its limits all the time, so everything has to be 110% stable, and load temps need to be reasonable so it doesn’t fry itself

i got the hsf installed yesterday, and its stable @2.6 w/1.375v and load temps are in the mid to high 50s, still not great, but good enough for me. still haven’t had a chance to encode video yet either :frowning:

we pretty much derailed this thread :o looks like the deal is still up, but no more free shipping

Thead’s dead anyway. What is the stepping on that CPU?


I did some searches on a couple hardware forums and it seems to be a pretty lame stepping as far as OCing goes, they tend to top out at ~2.7 on air, and the ultra hsf that came with the bundle isn’t all that great, so I’ll probably end up keeping it stock (I’ll definitely have to fool with overclocking at some point, that unlocked multi is just begging to be set at 14x, but I doubt I’ll be able to get anything stable with temps<60)

My 4800+ is LCB9E also. Almost everything I’ve read about it was positive. AMD has even used that stepping for some of their Opterons. The speculation was that because of Dell’s and Sun’s demand for Opty’s, AMD had to use some lesser silicon to fill the orders. I’m hoping my 4800+ will be stable at 2.8GHz at stock voltage. For $248 that’s all I can ask.

Anyway, it seems a couple of people on this site are able to push them to 3GHz

In about 90 minutes I’m going over to a friend’s house. We’re going to set up our computers out in his unheated garage with the doors and windows opened. It’s currently 7°F and is going to drop a little lower. Our goal is to see how far we can overclock our systems with the help of some Indiana winter weather. Doesn’t that sound like a couple of nerds for ya?! :wink:

He’s got a P4-D 805 Smithy (Intel traitor!) with a Zalman HSF and I’m taking my FX-55 stepping CABCE with an Arctic Freezer Pro HSF. It should be fun. Depending on the results tonight I may be ditching the quiet Arctic Freezer fan and replacing it with a 90mm Vantec Tornado. I’ll just use some zip ties to fasten it onto the heatsink.

To get the full effect of the surrounding air, you should have a fan blowing air into the case(s), otherwise they’ll heat up pretty quickly despite the cold surrounding temps. Have fun dorks! :wink:

hahaha, awesome! best of luck to ya :slight_smile:

What a fiasco. I guess it was too cold for the system to run properly. Even our beer kept freezing and my friend’s fluorescent lights wouldn’t turn on.

Kept getting some strange pixelation on the screen then it would go blank. Used a CRT and not an LCD because it was so cold. Finally set it back to default speeds and voltages and it did the same thing. Connected everything back up in the house this morning after any condensation had a chance to evaporate and ran Orthos for 7 hours overclocked to 2.8GHz via multiplier with a 5% increase in voltage. All other settings at stock. Temps were in the 48° to 50°C range under full load. I can live with that.

When I first started last night I went into the BIOS and the CPU and system temps were 0°C. When I got into Windows the temps were around 11° - 12°C and while running Orthos for a few minutes they were about 22°C. Then the screen would get all funky and then go blank.

I may try it again this spring or when the weather is cool as opposed to Arctic. It was 6°F in his garage last night. Maybe if it were in the 30’s it would have worked.

wow thats F’N cold! too bad it didn’t work, I would have loved to see some crazy 3.XX ghz numbers from that Sandy :smiley: (damn I’m such a nerd :doh: :stuck_out_tongue: )

Room temps of 15-20C or 60-70F seem to be ideal for booting a computer and overclocking

hard drives, especially raptors don’t like it colder

now once the computer is up and running, open the windows