Kingston 2 X 1GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Kit $4.95 After MIR at

Get 2 Kingston 1GB USB 2.0 Flash Drives for $4.95 after MIR, free shipping (select the bargain shipping at check-out).

Currently showing “in stock soon” (3-5 days) which means you can order it and your receipt will show today’s date. online receipts are very clear and link to the rebate. Hefty rebate on this: $49 but I’ve never had a problem with Kingston rebates (I’ve done about 20 of them).

The DataTraveler series is slow but they work. DataTraveler II is quicker but I don’t see them on sale anymore.

Nice find if you dont mind rebates. Another good deal are the generic ones at microcenter. I just got a 2 gig for 16$ and think the 1 gig were 10$, up front price. that was a sale price, but normal price is not much more. I think they are still on sale.
As much as I would love to have a kingston over a generic microcenter one (no package, oem but marked microcenter and lifetime warranty), I like the up front price better.

@kenja, I really hope you don’t mind my mention of microcenter. It’s a great deal if they are local (they are to me), but I’m not sure on their shipping… I really didn’t want to crap on your thread. I really posted because I was interested in the speed and you mentioned a diffrence. A while back, I paid a butt load for a fast sony memory stick(sandisk). I feel stupid cause flash memory has dropped so low (including memory sticks). I also got the best card reader I could find (did research to find one that could transfer at full speed as many dont). So the 1 gig I got for a while back (from microcenter for 16$) benchmarked as fast as my memory sticks… I would love to know how a brand one compares if you got one of the kingstons.
I used the free version of sandra, use the removable media test, not the file system test, if you care to compare…
Again, I know I shouldn’t have posted this (benchmarks belong in another forum), I was just really curious if brand ones were faster???
Fyi, if there is a problem with the sandra link, let me know.

The more knowledge, the better. :iagree:
I like because I can evade my state’s sales tax but if you need any kind of customer service . . . there isn’t any, from my experience.

I would love to know how a brand one compares if you got one of the kingstons
I’m not sure what you’re asking. I have Sandra Pro 2007; there is no link in your post.

These tests were run from South Bridge: VIA VT8237
The ATP is a 1GB ToughDrive; the 512MB is a standard DataTraveler; the PNY is a 1GB Attache. Not shown is a 2GB Kingston DataTraveler that is just slightly slower than the 1GB.

The 1GB standard DataTraveler:

Sorry for taking so long to reply. Here is the 2 gig generic drive. I had a problem getting the 1 gig results to copy to the clipboard but they were very close to the 2 gig. Looks like the write speed is a bit beter with the kingston, though the read performance is about as good.

Hey, I am experiencing sating problem, I have 1GB Kingston flash drive that my son accidentally reformed when he was reformatting his hard drive, now I cannot have access to the flash drive in property show used capacity with 0 bites.

I just reformatted my 1GB in Disk Management. Right click on the partition to see the following dialog box. Use the default choices (FAT).

To get to Computer Management: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools

Hey Kenja thanks that was perfect solution I did the drive now is formatted with FAT system and is accessible.

I’m glad it worked out for you, TCAS. As a bonus, reformatting improved my benchmark score. :smiley:

Back to the “deal”: shipping now is estimated at 1 or 2 weeks. You have 30 days from the date on the receipt to send the rebate. There was a problem with my credit card so mine hasn’t shipped yet. If it doesn’t ship within a week, I’m canceling. The rebate amount really is ridiculous on this considering newegg sells an individual 1GB Kingston for $15, delivered in three business days.

Or better you can buy ScanDisk flash drive 1 GB this week from Staples for $14.99 with $10 coupon you only pay $4.99 for 1 Gb brand name flash drive.